Doctor accused of sending ‘sexually motivated’ messages to Newport Harbor High cheerleaders sentenced

Doctor accused of sending 'sexually motivated' messages to Newport Harbor High cheerleaders sentenced

A doctor accused of sending “sexually motivated” messages via social media to two high school cheerleaders while he was volunteering on the Newport Beach campus was convicted this week.

David Lee Haller, a family practice physician, was found guilty Monday, August 29 of two misdemeanor child disorders, according to court records, in connection with messages sent to two 15-year-old Newport Harbor High School students that family members said frightened the girls. and feel like you’re being stalked.

Haller, now 55, was a volunteer for the UC Irvine Spirit Squad Cheerleading team who also worked as a volunteer physician at several Newport Harbor High School events from October to December 2017, according to court records.

Prosecutors in multiple court filings allege that Haller first contacted one of the girls via a direct message on Instagram, pretended to be a high school cheerleader and asked about high school cheerleading costumes and if the boys had ever tried to see their skirts.

After the teen blocked him, prosecutors allege in the filing, Haller used his Snapchat account to ask again about the uniform, as well as asking if he could donate money to her and implying that she had been watching him.

Haller contacted the second girl via Snapchat and said she saw her at a football game, explaining exactly where she was positioned among the other cheerleaders, prosecutors wrote. They allege that Haller told the teenager he saw her stooping and felt guilty for watching her.

Prosecutors indicated that Haller was also suspected of texting two other girls. A coach apparently learned that an unknown person was following some of the cheerleaders on social media and had directly contacted some of them, and contacted the authorities.

A school resources officer spoke with Haller at his home, prosecutors wrote in a brief hearing. Haller initially denied everything, a prosecutor said, until the officer told him they had linked the social media accounts that had contacted the girls to his phone.

According to prosecution records, Haller told officers that if the message came from him or someone else, it was not meant to be threatening, harassing, or threatening. He later admitted that he liked watching cheerleaders and told officers the 16-year-old “looked like” an 18-year-old and “he saw them even though he knew he shouldn’t,” one prosecutor wrote in a brief hearing.

An attorney representing Haller said in court filings that Haller never attempted to initiate a personal relationship with any of the teen cheerleaders via social media and never reached out to them in person, despite her access as a volunteer.

Haller’s attorneys attempted to put him in a mental health diversion program to avoid trial, court records show, and unsuccessfully tried to move the case elsewhere, arguing Haller was unable to get a fair trial in Orange County because of pre-trial media coverage of the case.

Haller was ordered to return to court to serve his sentence on October 14. He faces two years in prison.

What did the Michigan doctor do?

What did the Michigan doctor do?

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