Gold Coast man Jayden Moorea accused of killing cheerleader charged with indecent treatment of girl

Gold Coast man Jayden Moorea accused of killing cheerleader charged with indecent treatment of girl

The man accused of murdering a blind Gold Coast Titans cheerleader nearly 10 years ago is facing a new charge of indecent assault on a 14-year-old girl.

Dan Shearin, now known as Jayden Moorea, was arrested by police last week and searched at his home in the Gold Coast suburb of Nerang.

Officers also seized several electronic devices said to be his.

Moorea, 48, appeared in court on Tuesday, asking to be released on charges of indecency with the girl, but was denied bail.

In an unrelated incident, Moorea was charged in 2021 with the murder of his girlfriend Breeana Robinson in January 2013 – a case that has yet to go to trial.

Jayden Moorea (pictured right), formerly known as Dan Shearin, is accused of killing his girlfriend Breeana Robinson (left) almost 10 years ago.

Moorea’s lawyer wanted the court closed due to sensitive concerns about his latest allegations, but that was denied.

A former cruise ship singer has been accused of sending sexual messages to a teenage girl over the internet, the court heard.

When Ms Robinson fell 11 floors from her Moorea luxury home in Southport, on the Gold Coast on January 29, 2013, police initially ruled it was a suicide.

A full investigation was not opened until 2017

Neighbors were interviewed by police five years after the death and witnesses gave conflicting accounts of how Ms Robinson came to be, a court heard earlier.

Her family were at Southport Magistrates’ Court in January 2021 as Judge Catherine Pirie ruled the case would go to a jury – the eighth anniversary of Ms Robinson’s death.

Former neighbor Julie Carroll, who was watching a movie in her apartment on the 11th floor, said she heard screams and cries the night of the tragedy.

“I could hear the man, he was screaming, he was screaming, a woman was crying,” she told the court, adding that the voices were getting louder.

She testified that she did not see Ms Robinson, but heard a ‘loud scream’ which stopped suddenly shortly after the argument died down.

Jayden Moorea was pictured on his way to court, where he was denied bail

Jayden Moorea (pictured right) is accused of throwing Ms Robinson (pictured left) off a Southport building on January 29, 2013.

Dr Rebecca Adams lived a few floors above the couple and said she thought someone had been hit by a car when she heard a loud bang.

When she looked at the metal, along with many others, she saw ‘blood pooling’ around Ms Robinson’s head.

The couple’s neighbor Lisa Dunscombe insisted she heard no argument, but heard a bang and what she described as a ‘gasp’ as she sat inside her home.

“Because it was a strange noise, I went out to investigate … it was not a normal traffic noise,” she told the court.

Ms Dunscombe initially thought the young woman’s body was on drugs, as if someone was playing a sick joke.

She also said Moorea appeared agitated when he entered the elevator, struggling to take off his pants and use his phone.

Breeana Robinson, 21, fell 11 floors from the balcony of her friend Dan Shearin’s luxury apartment in Southport, on the Gold Coast, in January 2013. Shearin is now known as Jayden Moorea.

On Tuesday, after Moorea was denied bail on charges of indecently assaulting a 14-year-old girl, Robinson’s aunt Janine Mackney told 7News ‘It’s been almost 10 years (and) we still don’t have a court date. .

“The only good news is that he is now in prison and will be there for a while.”

Although Moorea is now committed to a trial over Ms Robinson’s death, it is said that his lawyer Chris Hannay is in negotiations with the police, and the manslaughter charge may be dropped.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Mr Hannay for more information.

Breeana Robinson, 21, died after falling 11 floors from her boyfriend Jayden Moorea’s luxury home in Southport, on the Gold Coast, in January 2013.

Moorea has always maintained his innocence in Ms Robinson’s death and even published a book about the case called The Blame Game, under his former name, Dan Shearin.

The book described Ms Robinson as Bree and said his first impression when he met her on Facebook was that she was ‘a beautiful blonde girl with the funniest smile and lovely personality. jumped out of my computer’.

He also wrote that, when he found out Ms Robinson was legally blind, it “melted my heart like never before”.

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