Jaguars PREP kicks off Football Month celebrations

Jaguars PREP kicks off Football Month celebrations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s the start of football season, and not just for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but for thousands of First Coast student-athletes. Throughout August, the Jaguars will celebrate Play Football Month, a recognition of NFL youth and high school football athletes, offering free tickets, camps and unique recognition opportunities to area children.

“Our Jaguars Prep programming is a pillar of our community impact efforts, and we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on these young athletes this month,” said Whitney Meyer, Jaguars senior vice president and chief community impact officer. “We wish all the teams the best of luck starting the season!”

The Jaguars kicked off Play Football Month on Monday with Jaguars Prep and Baker’s Sports High School Media Day. More than 450 coaches and athletes representing 60 schools in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia were on hand to meet with regional media and talk about their expectations for the upcoming season.

The Jaguars have given away 7,000 game tickets to local youth football teams for preseason games against the Cleveland Browns (August 12) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (August 20). During both games, junior and high school players will welcome the team onto the field, compete in halftime contests and hold the flag during the national anthem. Outstanding coaches and administrators will also be recognized for their contributions to First Coast football at each game.

On August 14, Jaguars Prep will host the Learn to Be Legends youth soccer camp for 225 Girls Power NFL Flag League girls. Jaguars Legends will teach girls soccer fundamentals and techniques to help them improve their game.

The Jaguars and Action Sports Jax, the team’s official station, will continue to celebrate the Game of the Week, Coach of the Week and Player of the Week in the Friday Night Blitz on August 26 when Bradford High School visits Baker County High School. The coach of the week will continue to receive a $1,500 grant for their school’s athletic program.

Jaguars Prep is committed to growing the game of football in Northeast Florida by removing barriers to accessibility, promoting health and safety, building strong character among participants, and improving opportunities and resources for youth and high school football athletes.

How much are the Jax Jaguars worth?

How much are the Jax Jaguars worth?

In 2021, the value of the franchise was 2. This may interest you : How Arcade 1Up reported “NFL Blitz”.8 billion dollars.

How much does it cost to buy a Jaguar? However, even compared to some of their peers, the Jaguars are doing surprisingly well. The team ranks 26th in the league in total value, according to Forbes, with a value of $2.8 billion.

What is the Jacksonville Jaguars worth?

The Jaguars, worth $2.075 billion, are ranked 45th in Forbes’ annual valuation ranking. This may interest you : The Washington football team is replacing the cheerleaders with a mixed dance team. The Jaguars made the annual Forbes 50 list of the world’s most valuable sports franchises, ranking 45th with a value of $2.075 billion.

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