Saint Louis Cheerleading Trials 2022-23

Saint Louis Cheerleading Trials 2022-23

2022 TRYOUT CLINIC PREP (Optional)

A trial preparation clinic is held

to get a better idea of ​​what we are looking for in selecting participants for our team. This clinic is not mandatory and there is no charge, however it is the best preparation. Attending is also useful to answer all questions as it is the only time scheduled to meet and talk. trainers.

. Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in.

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Date: Saturday, April 2 | 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Location: Chaifetz Arena Pavilion, Chaifetz Arena VIP Entrance & # xD;

More Information & Mandatory Registration: Please email for registration information.

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Date: April 30

Day & Time: Saturday, 8:30 am – 6:30 pm & # xD;

Venue: Chaifetz Arena Pavilion & # xD;

Video Tryouts: Video tryouts will only be allowed for those who are more than 4 hours away. The video audition will be Friday, April 29, at midnight. & # xD;

Do SLU students get free basketball tickets?

Do SLU students get free basketball tickets?
More Information Coming Soon!& # xD;& # xD;
HOW TO PREPARE FOR SLU CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS The SLU Cheerleaders are made up of well-rounded individuals with both good character and game day talent. Because of their high profile in our community, we are looking for those who can best represent the University. How well you work with our teachers and with each other and find corrections will be highly considered when trying. In support of SLU athletics and other appearances, a full-year commitment to participation is absolutely mandatory. Our active year begins in April with testing and resumes at the beginning of August to prepare for the fall season. The games start in September and the season ends next April. SLU leaders support Billiken athletics by cheering on football and basketball games. In addition, they participate in pep rallies and special appearances, including community service activities, alumni events, civic events, and charity events in the St. Louis area. Louis.
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Exercise: If you are not cheering for your high school team and are only on a competitive team, you may consider getting a personal trainer to help you with “game day” cheering. Being talented is important, but you must also know how to “lead a crowd” and be happy in front of the fans, not just the judges. This may interest you : 99 photos and it’s not a problem, Cowboys-Seahawks photo gallery. Loud with natural expressions of excitement, sharp movements and appropriate placement are very important.& # xD;

What sport is SLU known for?

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Is SLU basketball a d1?

Tumbling: A clean and consistent handstand is required for team testing. Staying and running more at an increased level can increase your chances of making the team. To see also : BC Lions player controls Stampeders cheerleaders after big win in Calgary | Offside. You may be asked to step on the basketball court in addition to the cheering mat.

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What division is St Louis Billikens?

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