O-Zone: The Underdog Story

O-Zone: The Underdog Story

JACKSONVILLE – Here we go…

Stupid question John, but the way the preseason is structured, essentially every team playing in the Hall of Fame game gets four preseason games as opposed to three for all other clubs? If this is correct, it seems disadvantageous for the probability of injury in my opinion. Or is this considered better for list evaluation?

Joe, there are no stupid questions; comment sections only. The Jaguars will play in the Hall of Fame Game against the Las Vegas Raiders in Canton, Ohio on August 6th – and the Hall of Fame Game is really an extra game added to the “normal” NFL preseason. For many years that meant a fifth preseason game for participating teams. Now, with the NFL reducing the preseason by one game starting in 2021, that means a fourth preseason game. That play in theory could mean more risk of injury, but head coaches can manage a snap count for players to navigate that risk — and increasingly have for years. My thinking is the extra preseason game – while terrible for me personally – is good for coaches because it gives teams more time for roster evaluation. But considering the league cut just one preseason game last year, there’s apparently more than enough time for such things. They had this.

After reading, we have seven games in a row at the ‘Bank this year (10 road games), wouldn’t you say that is a pretty serious competitive disadvantage for the Jags? I read that the local revenue from the London game is declining, so when will the extra money make the competitive disadvantage no longer worth it?

The London game is a significant revenue stream for the Jaguars. That’s even more the case this season because the Jaguars operate it like their own home game, taking on much of the responsibility for planning and executing — and selling — the game. With that risk comes more revenue. There will probably be a time when it’s not worth it. That time has not yet come.

Everyone continues to focus on players and misses the most important addition we’ve made in over a decade. Head coach Doug Pederson. Not since Tom Coughlin have we had a high caliber coach and Pederson might be even better than old Tom. After Coach Coughlin, all other coaches could be ranked from mediocre to average to best. I see the Jags record being 6-11 as the floor and 10-7 the ceiling this year and I place most of the responsibility on our coach.

Watching the coach’s press conference, I am incredibly impressed. This guy KNOWS football…all the details, all the names, the entire schedule. He answered so clearly and comfortably to every question as to why and how things were done that way. What was your opinion on his first presser with the players at home?

That he’s a professional trainer who knows what he’s doing – and yes, he’s pretty cool. Considering… you know, everything.

The Detroit Lions have gone 93 seasons without a Super Bowl appearance and guess how many primetime games they have? Everyone likes to watch winners. Sometimes you are born into your team and you have to endure it. Or you can drop in and go out for the flavor of the day. It is difficult to slide in the NFL for fans of many teams. The Jaguars have had some success just not sustained. New season, new chance!

I. Do we have a preseason schedule for the Jags?

Yes. The Jaguars will open the preseason against the Raiders in the Hall of Fame Game followed by a home game against the Cleveland Browns on Aug. 12 at 7 p.m. and a home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Aug. 20 at 7 p.m. They will close the preseason at the Atlanta Falcons with the exact date to be determined.

Holy guacamole! Now, we are tied for first place not only in the AFC South, but the entire NFL! Someone take a picture!

John: Considering the free agency signings and early draft picks, doesn’t it seem like hometown guy Shaq Quarterman has a tough road to make the team?

Quarterman, a fourth-round selection in the 2020 NFL Draft, is an inside linebacker, off the ball. The Jaguars signed Foye Oluokun as an unrestricted free agent and selected Devin Lloyd (Round 1) and Chad Muma (Round 3) to play the position. But remember: The Jaguars play a three lineman, four linebacker scheme. There are two inside linebackers in the base scheme, so the Jaguars need more than three players at the spot.

They are tied with the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans, beating the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos (Broncos first London game and Doug’s redemption) for a total of 10 wins. If we are good, we beat people who are also good. I think the Colts and Titans may not be as good as they have been, and the Jags will be better than expected. Ten wins and we take the division, moodachay.

I count four wins in your email, although there may be others. Anyway…Rob is “all in”. #Moodachay

Whydoistilllovethejags from Abingdon, VA

Can you tell the fans what stood out for you to see the new kids working for the first time? Everyone seems to be laser focused on Walker, which should be expected with any No. 1 overall pick. But I am very interested in Lloyd and Muma. I’m in the minority, I’m sure, but I think Lloyd can be a special player – and Muma has insane potential too. I think the Kentucky guard will be just what we need, so I’m not worried about him.

The things that stood out in 2022 Jaguars Rookie Minicamp are what you expect to stand out in a rookie minicamp. Outside linebacker Travon Walker was incredibly impressive physically. It’s easy at first glance to see why the Jaguars made him the No. 1 overall selection; in a sport of impressive specimens, it will stand out. As for Lloyd and Muma, both players looked fast and athletic — and looked a lot like they belonged in the NFL. Offensive lineman Luke Fortner looked like an interior offensive lineman going through drills against the air and tackling dummies — and he looked perfectly capable of playing inside lineman in the NFL. So, what stands out about the four? Everyone seemed fine. And capable. We’ll find out a little more in the coming weeks when they practice against the veterans. We will find out a lot more during the training camp. Rookie minicamp is a chance for coaches to teach rookies what to expect in the coming weeks and months. The evaluation during these first days is very premature and quite worthless – although some people find it very funny.

Robert from Fernandina Beach, FL

What is the status of Jamal Agnew, please?

Agnew, a wide receiver/returner, suffered a hip injury late last season. Pederson said Friday Agnew was a bit ahead of running back James Robinson, who is on schedule to possibly return sometime during training camp.

I don’t have enough angst about the WR position right now. Sure, it would be nice to have an undeniable No. 1, the franchise level in the list, but I did not look at it from the perspective of individuals, I look at the general room of the wide receiver. When your top three receivers from one year become your third, fourth and fifth options the next year, that means you got better. If the guys we had to count as starters are now fighting for a place in the list, this means that the general level in the position is better. Whether or not we have a true No. 1 doesn’t matter as much as whether or not we have weapons at the position. We may not have the best weapons, but we certainly have more weapons than last year!

William the Contemplator from Jacksonville

Mr. Zone, this year’s crop of undrafted free agents shows real promise. I boldly predict that Kevin Austin will have a big impact on our receiver room, that Nick Floyd will become a reliable OL backup, and that our new kicker will be Andrew Mevis. Agree or disagree?

It’s never too surprising when three or four undrafted free agents make an NFL regular season roster. A receiver, offensive lineman and kicker? Considering the Jaguars’ current roster makeup, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Being an Ozone fan is your classic underdog story. You get a lot of heat and the cool kids want to hit the trash can, but you get the last laugh. Indeed history is written by the winners. We are the champions, my friend.

How can I watch every Miami Dolphins game?

How can I watch every Miami Dolphins game?

With Hulu + Live TV, you’ll have access to all NFL games broadcast on CBS, FOX, FOX Sports, NBC and ESPN. This may interest you : Remembering Robert Kime, esteemed British decorator and AD100 Hall of Famer. The platform will also carry the NFL Network this season, giving you access to watch every Dolphins game live.

How can I watch out of market NFL games? NFL SUNDAY TICKET on DIRECTV is the only way to watch and stream every game live out of the market, every Sunday afternoon.

How can I watch the Miami Dolphins every week?

NFL Game Pass is the ultimate way to watch the Miami Dolphins with live football streaming all season long. To see also : How did Kyler Murray’s big contract affect Jalen Hurts and the Eagles? | Crowd Birds. With an annual Game Pass Pro subscription, you get access to watch Miami Dolphins games live, plus game reports, breaking news and expert analysis all season long.

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Is Jacksonville stadium real grass?

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Which NFL teams play on real grass? Here are six stadiums that still have natural grass.

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