Reed City football team, cheerleaders go to Ford Field

Reed City football team, cheerleaders go to Ford Field

REED CITY — The Reed City elementary and middle school football teams have been selected to play a game at Ford Field hosted by the Detroit Lions Youth Football Association.

The teams will play on September 18, at 18:00. immediately Detroit Lions vs. After the Washington Commanders game. Reed City Youth Sports President Christi Waldman said many of their players recently attended the Lions’ summer football camp, and just days after returning, she entered team information for a chance to play at Ford Field.

Waldman said she was thrilled when she got the call last week that Reed City’s third- and fourth-grade teams and fifth- and sixth-grade teams, along with their respective cheerleading squads, had been selected to play in individual games.

“The person who called said he grew up in Newaygo and played football in Newaygo, so he played football against Reed City in high school, and he knew how important football was to Reed City,” he said. “And that’s why he chose us.”

Because the Lions are a fundraising event, Waldman said the opportunity to play came with an agreement to sell 100 game-day tickets for each team in attendance. With only two weeks to complete the task, Waldman was concerned, but said community organizations and business owners responded immediately.

The Reed City Rotary Club donated $2,000 to the youth sports team to purchase tickets for the children. Other donors include Reed City Group, Lake Osceola State Bank, Skip’s Pool and Spa and the players’ families.

“Through this, we were able to protect everyone who needed protection,” Waldman said. “And it’s been amazing to see the community come together so quickly for this opportunity.”

Before the game, Waldman has seen the excitement build in his players, cheerleaders and coaches. Even though Reed City Field and Ford Field are the same 100 yards, he said it’s still much bigger for kids.

When third-year quarterback Sebastian Scott found out his team would be playing at Ford Field, he said he thought it was awesome because the Lions are an NFL team. He is looking forward to watching the Lions play and getting on the field after their game.

Cheerleader Rylee Rehkopf said she can’t wait to cheer with her team in a big stadium. The lift is his favorite to do, and he said they will use the move at Ford Field.

Even though the Lions aren’t his No. 1 team, fifth- and sixth-grader Noah Waldman is still eager to play his game. Waldman’s teammate Nathan Hutchinson said he’s a little nervous to play, and hopes he doesn’t get knocked down on the field.

Fifth- and sixth-grader Emmett Carmichael has also felt some jitters, but said winning a game at Ford Field would be amazing. Cauley Thomas, who also plays on the fifth- and sixth-grade team, said he thinks it’s great to be able to play on the Lions’ home field.

For fifth- and sixth-grader Christian Windquist, soccer is about making new friends and enjoying the sport together. When he found out they were selected to play a scrimmage, he couldn’t wait to share the news.

“It was really exciting, and I told my family right away,” she said.

Coach Greg Windquist said to say this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is an understatement, and he knows the experience is something his players will carry with them for life and into their football careers.

They just started a new season in Reed City, and he said starting with a game at Ford Field will be a positive bonding experience for the teams.

“Anytime you get things like that or do things as a team, it brings you together through the parents, the coaches, the players, the community,” he said. “I think it’s going to bring everyone together.”

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