Texas teenager recovers from the fall of cheerleaders

Texas teenager recovers from the fall of cheerleaders

DALLAS – Makayla Noble has been passionate about cheerleading for a long time.

What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

Noble was a part of a national and world championship cheerleading team She suffered a serious neck injury during a cheerleading accident Since then, she has regained some feeling in her lower body She developed a large following on social media after sharing her story

“Being a cheerleader means a lot to me. It’s something I live for, “Makayla said. This may interest you : Starmer slams Owen Jones as ‘cheerleader’ of Last Failed Attempt.” It was my starting point, that if I had a bad day, I’d go and cheer and get it all out. “

Not only did he love sports, Makayla competed at the highest level. He was part of Cheer Athletics in Plano which won a 2018 NCA National Championship and a 2019 Cheer World Championship.

“At the level I was at, there are only three teams in the world that have been able to be at that level and stay at that level,” he said.

While Makayla competed nationally, he was also part of Prosper High School’s cheerleading team just north of Dallas. Earlier this school year, he was with some friends and practiced a routine they would perform for that week’s homecoming activities.

“It was September 20,” Makayla recalled. “The football players and the cheerleaders did like a country dance together. We were at a friend’s house practicing dance and we decided we were going to teach the kids how to do this flip. It just went wrong. “

Makayla remembers stepping into the flip and then landing right down her throat in the backyard grass. It was immediately clear that something was wrong.

“As crazy as it sounds, I quickly realized I was paralyzed,” Makayla said. “It was a feeling of calm that I felt throughout my body. I’m not going to try to get up. I’ll lie here and I know I have to stay calm. “

Makayla’s mother Jenn received a phone call saying her daughter was injured and immediately went home.

“I was so scared and it was so overwhelming,” said Jenn Noble. “Once she got there, she was so calm. You wouldn’t even know she broke her neck.

What Makayla felt as soon as the injury occurred turned out to be true. He had suffered a severe spinal cord injury and had no sensation in his lower body.

“As a mom I’m sitting there, like I’m saying please try something. Move your toes or say you can feel something, “Jenn said.” It was heartbreaking.

The doctor told the Noble family that Makayla would never walk again.

“I didn’t want to accept being in a wheelchair and being in a wheelchair,” Makayla said. “I thought I was an athlete, I was invincible”.

Trying to understand her new reality was difficult, but Makayla didn’t allow him to stop her from living a productive life.

“This isn’t something that defines me, it’s actually there to help me,” Makayla said. “It gave me the ability to go where I want, do what I want.”

Another interesting thing happened after the injury. Makayla decided to document much of her recovery through social media and has built a large following of people interested in her story.

“What we found is being vulnerable and sharing that has helped so many people,” said Jenn. “They fell in love with Makayla and this story and people are so involved that they think, ‘You can’t stop now.'”

Her YouTube page has over 90,000 subscribers and nearly 200,000 Instagram followers.

“The platform I have gained through all of this is a blessing. It’s something I never expected, ”Makayla said.

There are still difficult times for Makayla, but there has also been a lot of progress in the months following the accident. He has regained some sensitivity in his legs and can even walk with assistance. He recently rehearsed for the high school cheerleading team and made it.

“I still have expectations and they will be harder to achieve,” he said. “But I’ll take them and I’ll make them.”

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What is a C6 quadriplegic?

A C6 spinal cord injury is one that affects the lower end of the spinal cord near the base of the neck. To see also : Amy Schumer’s Husband Chris Fischer Is The Cheerleader Every Working Mom Wants. Injury to this area of ​​the spinal cord can cause loss of sensation or function of the whole body from the top of the rib cage down, including all four extremities, or what is known as quadriplegia.

What movements can a C6 quadriplegic * do? Patients with C6 SCI generally have normal sensations and movements in the head, neck and shoulders. They should also be able to bend the elbows and straighten the wrists. This is because innervated areas above the lesion level are unaffected and function normally.

What is the life expectancy of quadriplegics?

Long-term survival Among first-year survivors, the overall survival rate at 40 years after injury for people with tetraplegia is 47% compared to 62% for those with paraplegia. On the same subject : 2 Montco residents named 2021 Eagles Cheerleaders | Norristown, PA Patch. Survival was strongly related to the neurological level but also to the degree of impairment.

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Who are Makayla noble parents?

Her parents, Jen and Greg Noble, aren’t surprised to see how skillfully Makayla has handled her new reality. They have seen her push to new limits all her life and see this situation as just another obstacle to overcome.

How did Makayla Noble get paralyzed? But on September 20, 2021, Noble, a high school student, was training for a homecoming encouragement display with members of the football team in a friend’s backyard. During a routine throw, she fell and landed on her neck. The 16-year-old said she learned when she fell to the ground that she was paralyzed.

Who is Makayla Nobles dad?

The senior cheerleader is making great strides in her recovery after sustaining a spinal cord injury from a fall accident last month. Makayla’s father, Greg Noble, was by his side.

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