St. Bonaventure cheerleader speaks out on viral March Madness incident

St. Bonaventure cheerleader speaks out on viral March Madness incident

A St. Bonaventure University cheerleader and member of the Saint Louis men’s basketball team reportedly went in to spit on the court during the Atlantic 10 men’s basketball tournament last Friday.

Viral footage of the incident shows the cheerleader and a woman, believed to be her coach, angrily storming off the court. It is unclear what was said due to the screaming fans at the game.

A St. Bonaventure University cheerleader responded to the footage on Twitter claiming that a Billikens player yelled an obscenity at her, according to multiple reports.

“This after he looked me dead in the eyes, an innocent cheerleader, and told me to ‘shut the f–k up, b–ch’ is embarrassing,” read a tweet from Hannah Koning.

Koning’s Twitter bio reads “Bonas” with a heart while an Instagram account, also believed to belong to the cheerleader, states “Bonas Cheer” in the bio.

On Friday, Mid-Major Madness reported that Jordan Nesbitt, a freshman guard for Saint Louis, “has been teasing the Bonaventure crowd, calling them vile names.” The outlet added how “he came up at the end of the game and said more.”

Koning also reposted a tweet that claimed Nesbitt had been calling the cheerleaders “disgusting names” throughout the game.

Nesbitt recorded zero points and just five rebounds in 34 minutes in his team’s win.

Saint Louis ended up on top 57-56 in the game before losing to Davidson in the semi-finals.

Saint Louis University’s athletic department did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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