The community supports the Prosper cheerleader who suffered a brain injury while training

The community supports the Prosper cheerleader who suffered a brain injury while training

Community helping support Prosper cheerleader who suffered brain injury during practice

Community helping support Prosper cheerleader who suffered brain injury during practice

The Prosper community is supporting Haylee Alexander, who was injured while exercising at a cheer gym. On the same subject : Gerard Way Rocks Cheerleading Outfit During My Chemical Romance Show in Nashville: Watch.

PROSPER, Texas – The Prosper community is supporting a cheerleader injured during practice.

Haylee Alexander was injured while at a cheer gym.

The talented teenager is a cheerleader for a competitive cheer team and the local school team. The 15-year-old remains in the ICU in Plano.

There is an old saying in Prosper of “small town, big heart.”

That heart is displayed in pink and turquoise “Haylee Strong” signs that have been placed in some Prosper yards.

“Everybody’s getting on and people want and want to help now,” said family friend Tatum Curry.

Support continues to pour in for Alexander.

On Monday, August 22, Alexander was practicing at her competitive cheerleading gym when she suffered a traumatic brain injury. She was rushed to the emergency room at Medical City Plano.

Alexander is also a cheerleader for Prosper’s JV cheer team.

Friends and teammates are anxiously awaiting any updates from the hospital, knowing there is likely a long road ahead.

“I drive her to school every day, so the first day she didn’t get in the car with us, it was a void,” said family friend Mallory Roberts.

But they also want Alexander’s family to know the community is there for support.

“Haylee is the kind of girl you dream of having as your daughter and you hope your child finds that kind of friendship in their life,” Roberts said. “For example, my daughter had surgery a few weeks ago. Haylee came and just sat with her all day and supported her. That’s what we want to do for them.”

Family friends said the teenager was an extremely talented cheerleader, calling her a “cheerleader.”

Her competitive cheer team were world champions last year, and she even appeared on America’s Got Talent.

The Prosper community is helping to sell “Haylee Strong” t-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Alexander family.

“Talking to her mom, every time she sees a ribbon or a shirt, she knows Haylee is loved,” Roberts said. “People are thinking about her and praying for her, so that’s what we want.”

They have already sold 1,400 shirts and raised $35,000 for the family.

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The Prosper community has felt this pain before.

Almost a year ago, Prosper varsity cheerleader Makayla Noble was paralyzed in an accident.

Makayla’s family posted on Instagram “it breaks our hearts to know another family in our town is going through this.”

“This is not a sprint. This is going to be a marathon,” Curry said.

Alexander’s support system remains strong for the long road ahead.

“She always wanted to cheer in college,” Curry said. “And I have no doubt that she will achieve that goal.”

“Pray. Pray for Haylee and pray for her family,” Roberts said.

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