10 Pictures And Quotes That Will Make You Want To Join A Sports Team

Sports movies are usually a great choice, as they tend to be fast paced and exciting. Most people identify with the characters, even those who don’t play or watch sports. They can even spark curiosity in some of us, creating a new love for the sport.

Some sports go more unnoticed, like poker and chess; You may be put off watching shows about these sports because you have little knowledge on the subject, but that could be a mistake. These watches can change your views on sports, broaden your knowledge, and may even offer you a new hobby to try. Some movies that might influence your next new hobby could be I, Tonya, Molly’s Game, or Cobra Kai.

‘I, Tonya’ (2017)

'I, Tonya' (2017)

I, Tonya is a comedy-drama based on a true story starring Margot Robbie in a complete makeover to look like the real-life Tonya Harding. Read also : Panthers pick 2019 TopCats – Charlotte. Follow the story of an extremely talented figure skater and the many obstacles to becoming the US Champion.

We see her growing up in a difficult lifestyle with a neglectful and abusive mother who reflects on her love life. His only love and achievements are on the track. That is until her husband risks winning her into his own hands and it ends in shock, violence and heartbreak.

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‘Hustle’ (2022)

Hustle is a comedy-drama sports film starring Adam Sandler. It surrounds his focus on NBA basketball. This may interest you : Game score: 49ers 30, Jaguars 10. A basketball scout is fighting to become a professional NBA coach and has a chance if he finds a potential star player.

When in Spain, he discovers a talented player on a street court and has to prove his ability in America with many obstacles including money, family, anger issues and putting his career on the line. This film shows the complexity involved in basketball and its fast-paced emotions.

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‘Moneyball’ (2011)

Moneyball is a sports drama film based on true events starring Brad Pitt. This may interest you : PHOTOS: Detroit Lions in action during the preseason. Follow Oakland A’s general manager named Billy Beane as he successfully attempts to create a baseball team on a small and restricted budget.

It uses computer-generated analytics to acquire new players for a struggling team to have any chance of winning the World Series. This tactic is now used among many sports today as a way to turn cheap new players into brilliant athletes and sell them for a huge profit.

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‘The Blindside’ (2009)

The Blindside is a sports drama film based on a true story starring Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron. It follows the story of a traumatized homeless teenager named Michael Oher who is taken in by a woman into his NFL-loving family.

Michael is shown what a loving family is like and bonds with their enthusiasm for the NFL. He later becomes an All-American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of his new family and adorable little brother.

‘Molly’s Game’ (2017)

Molly’s Game is a crime drama film based on true events starring Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom in real life. This film follows an injured Olympic-class skier whose dreams were crushed and had to make his way into the world through a darker, more illegal route.

Molly ends up creating the most exclusive high-end poker game in the world. She describes a lot of crazy events that happened, including stories about famous players doing illegal activities. By researching the characters, you can get a better idea of ​​who our beloved actors and celebrities really are.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’

The Queen’s Gambit is a social issues drama television series released in 2020 starring Anya Taylor-Joy. Follow the story of a girl living in a 1950s orphanage, Beth Harmon, who has an uncanny talent for chess. She trains with a number of different extinct chess players as she gets older and more talented.

Beth begins her motivation by being able to earn money through gambling and then sets her sights on the world championship after winning the US championship. As her talents are documented, she struggles with addiction and mental health issues. It is a complex series with many layers and a dramatic representation of the game of chess.


Kingdom is a shocking drama series released in 2014 with many graphic scenes. Follow the story of a broken family working their way up to becoming professional MMA fighters and hopefully ending up in the UFC. They have an extreme love for the sport, but their personal lives make it very difficult to concentrate.

This movie stars Nick Jonas but he is the least of your worries as the character development in this series is amazing. You come to love each one, especially Jay. There are many dramatic, violent and heartbreaking circumstances in this series, but it shows you his achievements around MMA and his personal life throughout.

‘Cobra Kai’

Cobra Kai is a comedy-drama series launched in 2018 following the sport of karate. If you loved the Karate Kid movie, you will love this one as it is a sequel series that includes actors Ralph Macchio and William Zabka as their original characters in the movies.

This series focuses heavily on the skills and competencies of karate…and sometimes takes it a bit too far in social situations. It is a series full of love, hate and anger and it is definitely an entertaining watch. It will show you the peace and anger you can get from sports and the exciting thrill of sports.

‘Happy Gilmore’ (1996)

Happy Gilmore is a sports comedy released in 1996 starring Adam Sandler. It follows a rejected hockey player who joins a golf competition to save his grandmother’s house. This movie shows you the skills and patience it takes to become a skilled golf player.

Gilmore has troublesome anger issues that he has to overcome in order to play his best. It’s a fun watch and it shows the real frustrations of this quiet and calm game. It can show you a path to serenity in a new sports game.

‘Dare Me’

Dare Me is a sports drama series released in 2018 that follows a group of teenage cheerleaders as they get a new coach. Follow two cheerleaders, Beth and Addy, who experience shattered relationships and loyalties as they try to make it to the championship.

This series is full of mystery, murder, and shock, all while trying to hold each other up in a squad triangle. It is a dark series that shows you a new side of life and how a sports hobby can help you take your mind off these problems.

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There are 192 football movies on the list, starting with Two Minutes to Go in 1921 and ending with the ESPN 30-for-30 movie Al Davis vs. the NFL. There are 173 baseball movies on their list, starting with The Ball Game (1898) and ending with The Silent Natural (2020).

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