Bonus Gallery: Tate Cheerleaders, Showband and ROTC

Bonus Gallery: Tate Cheerleaders, Showband and ROTC

The Tate Aggies beat the Pensacola High Tigers 35-26 in Saturday morning’s clash.

For a bonus photo gallery with cheerleaders Tate, Showband and ROTC, click here.

For the game’s action story and photos, click here. photo, click to enlarge.



One response to “Bonus Gallery: Tate Cheerleaders, Showband and ROTC” This may interest you : NFL wants Jon Gruden case gone; here’s why it’s so important isn’t it.

GO AGES! The photos bring back fond memories of my years at Tate, my son’s years at Tate and his time at JROTC, and our grandchildren’s four years at this same wonderful school. There have been a lot of changes since my years from ’59 to ’61, but the same school spirit applies now as it used to. GOD BLESS J.M. HIGH TATE!!!

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