Canandaigua Youth Cheerleading is preparing for fall season

Of course, you should enjoy the summer weather, but making a cheerleader plan in your family for next fall will help you relax even more.

The Canandaigua Youth Cheerleading program for athletes in grades 3 to 6 raises the bar and registration for the fall season is now open.

The new kits are only part of the experience, as is the first time in almost a decade teams competing at both levels (grades 3/4 and 5/6), said program director Taylor Whittaker.

Each fan team will take part in the fall Frank Baker Football season, as well as take part in three local competitions. In addition, the young cheerleaders will perform on October 8 at the New York Cheer Spectacular at the Canandaigua Academy, they will participate in the Homecoming Parade, they will participate in the Baker to Braves Night during a California soccer game, and they will also perform at the Family Showcase.

Registration for the Frank Baker fall season is open until July 15 at The cost is $ 100 and the internships start on August 2 outside Canandaigua Elementary and Elementary School. Training sessions will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through August, and will move to Tuesday and Thursday in September and October.

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