Carolina Panthers, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Athletics Announces Pilot Girls High School Flag Football League

Carolina Panthers, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Athletics Announces Pilot Girls High School Flag Football League

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Carolina Panthers, in partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Athletics, announced Tuesday the launch of a Girls High School flag football pilot league.

In celebration of National Girls & On Women in Sports Day, the announcement was made during a high-energy ceremony on the playing field at Bank of America Stadium on February 1.

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The intramural/club-level program is designed to provide high school girls with greater access and opportunities to participate in the fast-growing sport of girls high school flag football, which has been sanctioned as a varsity sport in six states of the country. Read also : Cheerleading coach accused of belonging to ‘coven of sexual predators’ found dead in SC.

According to a press release, the Carolina Panthers are providing $50,000 in program funding, school resources and custom Nike school uniforms to support the program’s success.

Student-athletes from 20 high schools attended the unveiling event to see the surprise uniform unveiled in the Bank of America Stadium locker room.

Representatives from the Carolina Panthers, Panthers Legend Mike Rucker and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials were also on site for the announcement.

“The Carolina Panthers are excited to partner with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Athletics in creating a high school girls flag football pilot league, which will provide more opportunities for participation and access to the sport of football for high school girls. Our hope is that this league will lead to more high school participation in our region,” said Panthers director of community relations Riley Fields. “We are especially pleased to be able to announce the launch of the program as we celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day.”

The Panthers’ $800 million state-of-the-art practice facility development, which would have served as the team’s headquarters, collapsed after highly publicized disputes between Tepper and the city of Rock Hill and the county of York.

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There is no convincing evidence that a single wild “black panther” has ever existed in the United States. Read also : Douglas grad’s cheer career comes full circle | Serving Minden-Gardnerville and the Carson Valley. The largest cat in the United States, and in fact the fourth largest cat in the world, is the mountain lion (Puma concolor), also known as puma, catamount, painter, and in Florida, panther.

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Can you buy tickets at the Panthers Stadium?

The Carolina Panthers box office is located between the south gate and east gate of Bank of America Stadium and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a. To see also : Thanks to the Panthers | | at 5 p.m.

Is Bank of America Stadium out of cash? Bank of America Stadium is now a cashless facility and all purchases must be made by credit card, debit card, contactless payment or through the Panthers app. Prepaid debit cards will be accepted.

How much are tickets at the Panthers stadium?

seasonLocationAverage ticket price
2019-20Bank of America Stadium$61
2019Bank of America Stadium$108
2018-19Bank of America Stadium$61
2018Bank of America Stadium$150

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