From the Bucks to the big game, meet Eagles Cheerleader and Dance Academy Ashley Hillis

From the Bucks to the big game, meet Eagles Cheerleader and Dance Academy Ashley Hillis

How long have you lived in Bucks County?

I was born and raised in Upper Makefield, Bucks County. This may interest you : Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Dani is ready for the 2022 season, Gronk tests Brady’s underwear and T.O. Runs A 4.38 40.

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When did you start dancing at The Dance Academy?

I started dancing when I was 2 years old at the Dance Academy and I had my first competitive solo at 4 years old. To see also : The Birmingham Bulls will hold cheerleading tryouts at the Pelham Civic Center.

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What are some of your most memorable moments at The Dance Academy?

The Dance Academy allowed me to meet a wonderful group of friends that I call family. Most of the best memories I have with Dance Academy were performing in all the competitions, recitals and traveling to Myrtle Beach every year for Showstoppers Nationals! My senior year I was able to perform in the opening number alongside former Dancing with the Stars, Lacey Schwimmer. See the article : Band, cheerleaders welcome new students to the University of Kentucky. My team also won first place overall that year. It’s always been an amazing time to travel and be on vacation with my friends and family while also doing what I love to do.

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When did you know you wanted to be an Eagles Cheerleader?

As a little girl I dreamed of being a professional dancer because I always had a strong passion for dance. My sister, Nicole, became an Eagles cheerleader in 2019 and she had an amazing experience. That inspired me to become a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader.

How was the try out process for you?

The audition process was very intense and competitive. It was incredible to be surrounded by so many talented dancers. I felt blessed as I made it through each round and was thrilled to be selected to join the team!

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