Texas cheerleader breaks neck doing backflip yet spreads cheer from her wheelchair

Texas cheerleader breaks neck doing backflip yet spreads cheer from her wheelchair

Paralyzed cheerleader stays positive

Despite her slim chance of walking again, a paralyzed cheerleader from North Texas remains positive! Read also : Lots of Photo Ops when Eagles Fans Can See Training Camp.

HOUSTON — A high school cheerleader from Prosper, north of Dallas, is recovering in Houston after a catastrophic injury.

She broke her neck, and it dramatically changed her life from falling into the countryside to therapy in a wheelchair. She has an incredibly positive attitude and wants others to know that it is possible to enjoy a high quality life as a quadriplegic.


Sixteen-year-old Makayla Noble, also known as Mak, is a world champion cheerleader. She is known for her high-flying competitive gymnastics and enthusiastic personality.

On September 20, Mak was with about 30 other students, teaching them how to somersault.

“It was just a freak accident, it went wrong. I landed first on my throat and then on my face. And then when I landed, my neck snapped to the side,” describes Mak.

She couldn’t feel anything from the neck down and knew it was serious.

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“They told my parents before I went into surgery, she will never walk again. She won’t be able to do many things,” explains Mak.

When Mak fractured his neck, he injured his spinal cord. She spent a month recovering in the ICU in Plano. Then, on her 17th birthday, she was transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston.

“At first I didn’t like any of the leg exercises, because it made me kind of sad, you know? It just kind of freaked me out, I guess. The fact that my legs were on these machines and they were moving, but I wasn’t moving. They’re kind of lying there, so I think I like the upper body better,” says Mak.

One of Mak’s doctors at TIRR Memorial Hermann says these exercises are paramount right now to try to recover the nerves.

She uses the triceps, but because the neck injury involves all four limbs, it is considered quadriplegia, or the more recent term is quadriplegia.

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This coming year is the most important of all.

“The nerves are trying to heal for up to a year after this type of injury, so in the first few months it can be very difficult to know exactly how much will come back. Young, healthy people like her tend to have more neurological recovery than people who are a little older or who have other health issues. I think the uncertainty that comes with this type of injury is one of the hardest things,” explains Dr. Davis.

As Medical Director of Spinal Cord Injury for TIRR Memorial Hermann and UTHealth, Dr. Matt Davis couldn’t be more impressed by Mak’s attitude towards the life-changing accident.

“I think there’s something about being a cheerleader. I think when you spend so much time encouraging other people, I can see how that would be something that would lead into every aspect of your life. And clearly, it was a very positive attitude while she was there. here,” says Dr. Davis.

Mak admits that adjusting to her new lifestyle isn’t easy, but she fully accepts what happened.

“I grew up in a Christian home, and I really found strength through Him and the support of other people. But it’s kind of hard because people are like, if I were in your situation, I would never be happy and crying all the time. And I tell people, I have a sense of peace. Of course, I get sad, everybody gets sad, but I would say about 75% of the time, I’m very happy with my injury and everything. Obviously, I’m not happy with the what happened, but I’m very at peace with it, and it’s part of my plan, I think,” says Mak.

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Mak is now rethinking his future. She planned on cheering in college and was about to take a trip to 14 countries and study abroad. Her doctor says that even if she needs to adjust her plans, she still has an incredibly bright future ahead of her.

“Whatever happens, whether or not she has recovered her nerves, she will still have a productive life. it is good! She’s a smart girl,” says Dr. Davis.

She is so smart that she managed to skip her freshman year of high school and advance to 12th grade.

Everyone who knows and loves Mak knows that she will achieve many more goals, all with a smile on her face and still rooting for those around her.

Mak and his family share their journey @makaylasfightofficial on Instagram and Makayla’s Fight on Facebook.

Click here for more information on TIRR Memorial Hermann.

According to the American Pediatric Association, these cheerleading injuries can even result in “permanent brain damage, paralysis, or death.” not alone.

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