The College Life of an HBCU Cheerleader

The College Life of an HBCU Cheerleader

Tumbling, dancing and dancing, cheerleading is an exciting sport that delights everyone who watches it. Shows like Cheer opened the door for people to see the true passion and determination behind the sport. However, the happy experience at an HBCU is a unique experience that honors Blackness in all its forms. Nyla Jones, a math senior and captain of the North Carolina A&T Cheer Team, shares her thoughts on the HBCU cheer experience as a black woman.

For Jones, cheerleading has been a passion since high school.

“I started cheering 8 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. Before that I competed in competitive gymnastics,” Jones said. “Cheerleading is a true passion of mine because I learned great lessons, I’ve always had amazing friends and teachers, and it allows me to always stay in shape.”

Surrounding herself in black culture and sports as a black woman, attending an HBCU for Jones was an amazing experience despite a tough schedule.

“My daily routine consists of going to school, work, and then practice or play. I usually get up at nine in the morning and then go to class…After that I’ll tutor math students or volunteer in the Beta Alpha Psi room,” Jones said. he said.

“…I’ll go home and get ready for practice at 5:30 and come home around 8:15. After that I’ll try to eat dinner, do some school work and chill with my roommates. I end up going to bed and repeating the same routine anywhere from midnight to 2 p.m.,” Jones said.

Cheerleading has become popular through social media and programs such as Cheer. While Jones and the teams in the series compete in different places, both go through trials and tribulations that can bring joy.

“Personally, I love the Netflix series Cheer. Even though they have a lot of competition, we as a team are going through the same things they did,” Jones said.

“You’re not going to beat any practice, and sometimes cheering can be tough. You spend hours training for a two minute 15 second routine so you have to give it everything you’ve got,” Jones said.

Although they both have popular incentive programs, being happy at an HBCU compared to PWIs is a completely different experience.

“Starting at A&T my senior year, I believe that A&T has the support of its students and fans. In the past, however, that was not always the case…” Jones said. “Compared to PWIs, HBCU cheer is a tradition. and a completely different experience. It’s honestly like trying to compare apples and oranges… They’re both fruits, but they don’t come from the same tree,” Jones said.

However, Jones’ cheerleading experience was one of a kind going to an HBCU. She inspires other black people to follow in her footsteps.

“I encourage all Black motivations to try and attend an HBCU. You will be valued, respected, and surrounded by people who share the same interests and goals, as well as the same struggles you may face,” “Your natural hair and beauty will be accepted, and you’ll create lifelong friendships,” Jones said.

SHINNSTON â A cheerleader is defined as a person who directs organized cheer especially at a sporting event. Although there is way more fun than cheering girls on at a football or basketball game. There is a big difference between passive enjoyment and competitive motivation.

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