Two current UK cheerleaders win gold at ICU World Championships

Two current UK cheerleaders win gold at ICU World Championships

Photo: Hayden Story (centre), Maddie Hayes (right) with former UK team-mate Riley Aguiar (left) at the 2022 UCI Cheerleading World Championships

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Two current Kentucky cheerleaders won gold medals as part of Team USA at the International Cheerleading Union World Cheerleading Championships last weekend in Orlando.

Maddie Hayes and Hayden Story, who are current members of the British Cheer team, were selected to compete for the United States after trying out for the team in November. The duo, selected by USA Cheer, were part of the American team that led teams from Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Norway and Sweden.

A native of Mansfield, Texas, Hayes just completed her fourth season with the UK national team. Story, from Carson City, Nev., has been on the UK show for three seasons. They are the first current Kentucky cheerleaders to earn the right to be on Team USA, which is a significant accomplishment according to UK head coach and former Team USA cheerleader Ryan Martin O’ Connor.

“I couldn’t be more proud of both Hayden and Maddie for being the first current UK student-athletes to make Team USA,” said O’Connor. “Balancing the work it takes to be part of Team USA and the work it takes to be part of our team is very difficult, but both Hayden and Maddie were able to do it. That says a lot about them as cheerleaders and as people.”

What’s the difference between all star worlds and Summit?

What's the difference between all star worlds and Summit?

The Cheerleading Worlds is for all-star level 6 and 7 cheer teams, The Summit is for all-star teams 1-5 and The D2 Summit is for all-star teams level 1-5 plus level 6 from gyms with less than 125 athletes. See the article : Eagles first black cheerleaders take a trip down memory lane.

Can you compete at Summit and worlds? Yes. D2 programs can compete in international divisions at The Summit. International Divisions are not eligible for D1/D2, so if a D2 program earns a Summit Offer in International Divisions, their D1/D2 status will not be affected.

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