Cristiano Ronaldo could become Manchester United’s “problem” despite nailing down the role of cheerleader on Arsenal’s bench, fea…

Cristiano Ronaldo could become Manchester United's "problem" despite nailing down the role of cheerleader on Arsenal's bench, fea...

MANCHESTER UNITED legend Jaap Stam is concerned that Cristiano Ronaldo may “become a problem” due to his new role under Erik ten The Hague.

The 37-year-old has only started six Premier League games this season, and the striker is yet to be on the scoresheet.

His rusty nature was apparent to all as he spoiled the skill move twice in the warm-up ahead of Sunday’s 3-1 win over Arsenal.

Despite not being able to leave Old Trafford in the summer, Ronaldo was smiling as Antony broke the deadlock in the fight against the Gunners.

Fans also praised the seven-time Golden Ball winner for his leadership as he encouraged his teammates after Bukayo Saki equalized.

Commenting on the Portugal international, the former center-back Stam declared that while he seems to be making a positive impact, he is not sure how long Ronaldo will enjoy.

Speaking exclusively to SunSport on behalf of bet365 about Ronaldo’s role under Ten Hag, Stam said: “I don’t know if it will become a problem.

“I think Cristiano is a fantastic player. He is still a good player, a great goal scorer.

He came after preseason when he wasn’t fit enough and the manager made decisions using players who were fit and ready to go.

“Also in terms of how he wants to play and the intensity of the player, but Ronaldo is a player who wants to play every game.


“I don’t think he is the type of player who has his skills and achieved what he has on the pitch to be happy sitting on the bench, so he will show up and push others to perform.

“Having someone like him around is great for the team and the manager.

“I was at the Arsenal game and from the side it looks like Ronaldo has a positive influence on the players from the bench, before the game, during the game, he is more or less accepted in his role and how the team is doing.

“I can’t believe he agrees with the role he has now and is happy with it.

“A player about his attitude and what he is as a man will be knocking on the manager’s door. He is a great professional so he will eventually achieve his goals for the team. “

Stam then stated that he sees Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes as the two top dressing room leaders for United as he made no mention of the club’s captain Harry Maguire.

He noted: “If you look at the team, it looks like Bruno is one of the leaders.

“You still look at Ronaldo in terms of how he behaves – he reacts positively when you see him on the pitch talking to the players, giving the players confidence.

“With his quality, his experience and the way people look at him, the way players look at him, he is still a very important figure in the dressing room and is positive about the outcome and helps them even when he’s not playing. I think Bruno is trying to do that.

Even young people like our new players – like [Lisandro] Martinez, who comes in, talks to players and tries to give players confidence, and [Christian] Eriksen.

“I don’t know if he is a natural leader too, of course he has experience.

“If you look at the potential leaders now, I’d say Bruno and Ronaldo are the two who have a lot of influence in the dressing room.”

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