Quitman hosts “Meet the Panthers” event.

Quitman hosts "Meet the Panthers" event.

QUITMAN, Miss. (WTOK) – Quitman High School hosted a special event Tuesday when fans and parents came to “Meet the Panthers” and see the color guard, cheerleaders and the team perform.

Quitman High brought out the football team as it prepares for the first game. They were received with loud applause and the group also showed some dance moves. After the event, Coach Rashad Gandy talked about why this is important for the kids.

“Okay, it’s a good experience. They get a chance to have fun. They have been out in the sun, working hard. You know, and every day I’m dirty. “They get a chance to come here, have fun, and the community gets a chance to see the players, see the fans, see all the fall games and it’s just a great event,” Gandy said.

The Panthers are coming off a successful season and are looking to build on it. Coach Gandy has been with the program for four years and sees the growth of the team.

“There were a lot of good things from last year. I think one thing, we are a mature football team this year. We got some experience. We were in some situations last year that I think we learned from it and the close games we were in that I think now this year, with the right preparation and the experience we have, we will be able to win those games. I’m happy, the coaches happy, and above all, our children are happy,” he said.

The Panthers will play Thursday against Wayne County on the road.

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