Stay in the hall: A speech to remember

Stay in the hall: A speech to remember

CANTON, Ohio – His NFL career was all about firsts.

Fittingly, in his official moment of football immortality, Tony Boselli made a speech that will last. And this will be remembered.

On Saturday afternoon Boselli became the first person associated with the Jaguars to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His eight-minute speech in Canton, Ohio, made his candidacy for membership long-awaited and well-earned.

It was an emotional day, and an emotional speech.

“It is a profound honor, and I thank Sala for the privilege,” said Boselli.

Boselli, considered perhaps the NFL’s best left tackle in the late 1990s Golden Era at the position, played with the Jaguars from 1995-2001 before shoulder injuries cut his career short.

Hall Class of 2022: Boselli, wide receiver Cliff Branch, linebacker Sam Mills, defensive linemen Richard Seymour and Bryant Young, Head Coach Dick Vermeil, safety LeRoy Butler and referee Art McNally.

“I can’t imagine being in better company,” said Boselli.

Boselli’s speech mentioned his wife, Angi, and family members including his five children: Andrew, Adam, Ashli, Alexis, and Ansli. She, too, named the city that became his own family.

“Angi and I are both incredibly blessed to call Jacksonville our home,” he said. “It’s where four of our five children were born, and they all grew up. It’s a beautiful town where the Bosellis made lifelong friends. You won’t find a better football town.”

He was introduced Saturday by his Jaguars teammate and best friend, former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell. The Jaguars made four consecutive playoff appearances, played in two AFC Championship Games and won two AFC Central titles during their time playing together.

“It was my job to protect Mark Brunell … but it became apparent to me early on that I was protecting not just a star quarterback, but a man of remarkable character and quality,” he said.

Boselli thanked several Jaguars officials, players and coaches from that era Saturday, including Tom Coughlin – the franchise’s head coach from 1993-2002.

“It all starts with Tom Coughlin,” Boselli said. “Tom was tough, demanding and had high standards. Tom made us winners. I’m more grateful for Tom with each passing year.”

Boselli, also, mentioned two other members of the Pride of the Jaguars from that era: running back Fred Taylor and wide receiver Jimmy Smith.

“I hope they’ll join me in Canton one day,” he said.

Saturday concluded a remarkable journey for Boselli. The first collegiate draft pick in franchise history, he was drafted to be a cornerstone of the franchise. He did just that, then in 2006 he became the first person inducted into the Pride of the Jaguars.

As he became the first Jaguars player to be immortalized in Canton Saturday, the franchise – and its city – was prominent in his mind.

“I thank God for football and for the people of Jacksonville; DUUUVAL!” he said.

Boselli, too, mentioned former offensive linemates of the Jaguars such as Leon Searcy, Jeff Novak and Ben Coleman, he also mentioned his line coach with the Jaguars, the late Mike Maser.

“This is not an overstatement: all of my Jaguars teammates, coaches and staff were instrumental in my path to Canton,” he said.

He also mentioned, former Jaguars Owners Wayne and Delores Weaver, current owners Shad and Ann Khan and team president Mark Lamping.

“Again, there is nothing more precious than family,” he said. “There is nothing more important. There is nothing more powerful. The support and love of my family, in all its forms and throughout my 50 years, is why I am here today.”

Boselli spoke on Saturday about his childhood in Colorado; of a large, extended and “harmonious” family; of his mother, Candy; by his sisters Jennifer, Michael, Liz and Lauren.

“My brothers taught me a valuable lesson … it wasn’t all about me,” he said. “Without the influence of my family during my formative years, my life in football would not have happened. I would not be standing in front of you at this moment.”

He also talked about wanting to play quarterback as a youngster and dreaming of playing for the Denver Broncos. Legendary Fairview (Colo.) High School football coach Sam Pagano switched to an offensive line for his final two seasons there. He then played collegiately at Southern California before being selected No. 2 overall by the Jaguars in the 1995 NFL Draft – making him the first draft pick in franchise history.

“My career really took off at USC,” he said. “Much more important, however… my life takes shape, thanks to meeting Angi Aylor… my wife, best friend, advisor, supporter and the world’s greatest mother for 27 years and more. Angi has been central to -my journey, as a football player, husband and father.

“The biggest thing football has done for me is to pave the way for Angi to be my wife.”

Boselli, as befits, closed his speech talking about the family. The end began:

“I was born Don Bosco Anthony Boselli, Junior. The best part of my name… is Junior.”

“To my father, Tony Boselli, Senior… whose valiant fight against cancer was decided on May 31, 2021… and whose impact on my childhood, career and life can never be adequately expressed… Thank you, Dad. Thank you for everything. I’m glad you’re in God’s comfort. I know you’re here… but I wish you were here. I miss you. I love you.

“And in this, one of the greatest days of my life, today I honor your memory, and I thank you for the greatest gift of all: the Family”.

Watch Boselli’s full Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech below.

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