Neal’s Picks Presented by Service Specialists: Week 2

Neal's Picks Presented by Service Specialists: Week 2


We made some rookie mistakes. For example, just put the points with Alabama. Just do it. Don’t think. Just put the points. That will not happen again.

We gave a MAC team the benefit of the doubt. Stupid. We bet on a Pac-12 team on the road in the South. Idiot. Unforced errors.

Ole Miss burned us a little bit, but hey, a bad snap and a bad read happens in Game 1. We’re still ready to make some money off the Rebels this fall.

We didn’t expect Georgia State and LSU to collapse on special teams. But hey, I’m sorry.

Live and learn. Watch the tape, make the adjustments and go into Week 2.

The lead isn’t insurmountable, and hey, at least we’re not in Rippee’s shoes after Week 1. His picks were worse than Iowa’s offense.

It’s a full list this week. Championships are not won in September, but they can be lost. So I scolded the interns and turned my full attention to this week. A refund is in order. To the chosen ones…

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Last Week:

Last Week:

Neal McCready: 12-2 overall, 4-7 ATS Read also : How Much Do Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Get Paid?.

Chase Parham: 12-2 overall, 6-5 ATS

Jeffrey Wright: 13-1 overall, 6-5 ATS

Brian Rippee: 13-1 overall, 2-9 ATS

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All betting odds via DraftKings

Missouri +8 at Kansas State, 11 a. To see also : 10 Pictures And Quotes That Will Make You Want To Join A Sports Team.m., ESPN2

Neal McCready: I ​​waffled on it. I originally went with the Wildcats, but worried about Adrian Martinez and then returned to Mizzou. I’m going to stick with my gut here and go with Deuce Vaughn and Co. I don’t know what I think about the Tigers, but at some point, someone is going to have to start sucking. Neal’s pick: Kansas State 31, Missouri 20

Chase Parham: This line bothers me. I wanted Missouri to just suck it up and let it be what it is, but that’s not what happened. Instead, the Tigers were ok and better than expected. Kansas State at home should definitely be the favorite, but that’s too many points. Parham’s pick: Kansas State 34, Missouri 30

Jeffrey Wright: I can already tell that Missouri is going to be the one team I can’t get right this year. My gut just says I shouldn’t be favored by a plus touchdown. Since 2017, KSU has been a home favorite of more than six on four occasions against power five opponents. They’re 1-3 ATS in those games, and you didn’t get rich betting on Adrian Martinez. WRIGHT’S PICK: Kansas State 31, Missouri 27

Brian Rippee: Missouri took care of business last week and looked a little better both offensively and defensively than I anticipated. Not sure how realistic that is, but I’ll go with the SEC school getting more than one touchdown. Rippee’s pick: Kansas State 31, Missouri 28.

Alabama -18.5 at Texas, 11 a.m., FOX

Neal McCready: I’m sure everyone in Austin will keep this rational, but welcome to the SEC, boys and girls (and those who identify as both or neither; certainly not here to offend). If Alabama wants to cover — and Saban does; I really believe that – Alabama will cover. Neal’s pick: Alabama 41, Texas 17

Chase Parham: Texas wasn’t ready for Arkansas last year. What in God’s name makes us believe the Horns will be ready for the A’s who have the mullet? I have a feeling Nick Saban wants a bit of a statement here. Parham’s pick: Alabama 48, Texas 13

Jeffrey Wright: Of course. WRIGHT’S PICK: Alabama 45, Texas 20

Brian Rippee: It seems like everyone is in Alabama here, so I guess I’ll be that guy and take Texas. It’s not like it can get any worse than last week for me, can it? Rippee’s pick: Alabama 35, Texas 17

Wake Forest -6 at Vanderbilt, 11 a.m., SEC Network

Neal McCready: The rules of Neal’s Picks give us a gift here. The line moves after we set it. I will contribute 10 percent of my winnings to one charity – the McCready Children’s College Fund of America. Neal’s pick: Wake Forest 37, Vanderbilt 20

Chase Parham: I legitimately hurt for Vanderbilt when I saw that Wake got their quarterback back. Ray Davis can’t do this alone, though he’s going to try like hell. Parham’s pick: Wake Forest 34, Vanderbilt 20

Jeffrey Wright: These two schools are trying to accomplish the same agenda, but one is in year nine while the other is in year two. WRIGHT’S PICK: Wake Forest 38, Vanderbilt 24

Brian Rippee: Vanderbilt has looked more like an FBS football team the last two weeks, but I don’t think it will be enough to stay there. Rippee’s pick: Wake Forest 35, Vanderbilt 14

South Carolina +8.5 at Arkansas, 11 a.m., ESPN

Neal McCready: This feels like a trap. The Hogs have been beaten in the secondary, but South Carolina isn’t exactly a passing juggernaut. I’m sure Arkansas is worried about special teams, but otherwise, this feels like a cover. Neal’s pick: Arkansas 31, South Carolina 21

Chase Parham: South Carolina has been a darling of the media, and Shane Beamer has done a hell of a job, but the Gamecocks don’t seem ready for prime time. This may be a reminder that there is a long way to go even in the middle of the pack. Parham’s pick: Arkansas 27, Carolina 17

Jeffrey Wright: This line stinks. Most analytics and power ratings believe you should take the points. We know better. Sam Pittman is now 16-7-1 ATS as the head coach of the Hogs. Additionally, Baylor Briles’ offense outscored South Carolina 45-20 when they played Tennessee last. WRIGHT’S PICK: Arkansas 35, South Carolina 24

Brian Rippee: I knew this game was at 11 a.m. just to watch the fish line and not the actual game time. Arkansas looked really good last week, but lost a couple of defensive backs. I’m not sure how, but I have a weird feeling that South Carolina is going to give the Razorbacks a scare here. Rippee’s pick: Arkansas 27, South Carolina 23.

Appalachian State +17 at Texas A&M, 2:30 p.m., ESPN2

Neal McCready: Appalachian State got lit up by North Carolina, and bad news for the boys from Boone: The Aggies will be just a little more physical than the Tar Heels on the defensive side of the ball. I think we’re going to have some Aggie drama this fall, but not on Saturday. Neal’s pick: Texas A&M 45, Appalachian State 23

Chase Parham: I felt bad for App State last week, but you can’t watch Phil Long score three touchdowns and expect to get out alive. The Tar Heels are a bad 2-0 team. The Aggies should take a big step up in class. Parham’s Pick: Texas A&M 44, App State 24

Jeffrey Wright: Do I think Texas A&M’s offense still isn’t very good? Yes. Are you worried that Haynes King threw six interceptions on 70 attempts? Yes. Are you worried that A&M will cover it? No. I have Chase Brice against the defense that allows the fourth fewest points per drive, and he just played North Carolina last week. It is a strong contrast that you cannot prepare for. WRIGHT’S PICK: Texas A&M 34, Appalachian State 7

Brian Rippee: The Mountaineers should be fired up after what North Carolina’s offense did to them a week ago. I’m not completely sold on the Haynes King, but I really like the pieces around it so I don’t sweat it too much. Rippee’s Pick: Texas A&M 38, Appalachian State 14

Tennessee -4.5 at Pittsburgh, 2:30 p.m., ABC

Neal McCready: I ​​think the Vols offense will break out on Saturday. If West Virginia can abuse the Panthers’ defense, Tennessee could destroy it. Kedon Slovis will have his moments, but I think this will be a feather in the SEC’s cap on Saturday. Neal’s pick: Tennessee 41, Pittsburgh 27

Chase Parham: This is a really fun game on Saturday that will tell us a lot about both teams. I think Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee will battle for second place in the SEC East, and Pittsburgh has a decent shot to play contender in the ACC. A great early game that will say a lot about how these teams look. Parham’s pick: Tennessee 38, Pitt 30

Jeffrey Wright: Since 2017, Pitt is 13-14-1 ATS as an underdog. In those 13 covers, nine have been outright wins, and three of the four covers (during losses) have been on the road. So my conclusion is that if you want to take Pitt here, you need to believe they will win the game. I don’t believe they will win the game. Yes, I think they can run the ball in Tennessee, but I saw too many open WRs against West Virginia to feel confident they will get the stops they need. Also, if Bryce Ford-Wheaton just stopped at the ball, they would go down the field to score. WRIGHT’S PICK: Tennessee 38, Pitt 28

Brian Rippee: That’s a lot of points for a favored lane in a game like this. West Virginia had some success moving the football against Pitt once it found a couple of running concepts that the Panthers had no answer for. I was impressed with Pitt’s defensive line and their resolve despite playing a pretty poor game collectively. I really want to take the Vols here, but this is a tough environment and a lot of points. Rippee’s pick: Pitt 34, Tennessee 30.

Samford (No Line) at Georgia, 3 p.m., SEC Network

Neal McCready: If my son played at Samford, I would test him for Covid every 10 seconds. I’d much rather he have the virus than face this team. Gracious goodness. Neal’s pick: Georgia 51, Samford 7

Chase Parham: Talking about preseason games.. Parham’s pick: Georgia 55, Samford 6

Jeffrey Wright: My big takeaway from Week 1 was that Georgia is a bigger title contender than Ohio State, and I didn’t expect to feel that way. WRIGHT’S PICK: Georgia 52, Samford 0

Brian Rippee: Thoughts and prayers at Samford here. But at least Bo Nix isn’t their quarterback. They can hang their hat on it (and probably score more points than Oregon). Rippee’s pick: Georgia 49, Samford 7

Iowa State +3.5 at Iowa, 3 p.m., BTN

Neal McCready: Look, I know we were terrible. I know our best game was a punt. But we won six in a row in this series. Iowa State is our bitch. Simple as that. We’re going to continue to score on defense, score on third down and somehow, someway, make a play on offense. In a high-scoring game … Neal’s Pick: Iowa 10, Iowa State 6

Chase Parham: What are we doing? It’s week two. I know we do horse racing and midget wrestling when Neal gets behind, but this slog before we get to October? Iowa will find a way to win ugly. That’s what the Hawkeyes do. Parham’s pick: Iowa 17, Iowa State 13

Jeffrey Wright: Matt Campbell is 0-5 overall and just 1-3-1 ATS against Iowa. In the games in Iowa City, the Cyclones scored six total points (three points on the year). I think this is also a point to buy in Iowa. WRIGHT’S PICK: Iowa 17, Iowa State 3

Brian Rippee: I’m not sure how anyone can rationalize the Hawkeyes after last week’s dismal display. But the boys in the desert are often rich outside of us squares thinking that common sense is a guiding light. When I submitted these picks, I read Neal’s snarky intro about how my picks last week “were worse than Iowa’s offense.” Now, I am activated, and if my little ones suck again, it is because I am traumatized by such a heinous attack – not for doing stupid things like this. Rippee’s pick: Iowa 14, Iowa State 10.

Central Arkansas (No Line) at Ole Miss, 6 p.m., ESPN+

Neal McCready: I ​​have so much respect for Lane Kiffin that he doesn’t do Coachspeak 101 on these things. They are pre-season messages. He knows It says so much. If Ole Miss wants to score 70, it will. Instead, I think the Rebels are experimenting. Still… Neal’s Pick: Ole Miss 54, Central Arkansas 7

Chase Parham: All eyes will be on the quarterback battle because there’s no point in putting it anywhere else. Ole Miss will dominate and try some things. This is the epitome of a tuneup. Maybe Tech will provide some resistance next week, but this one won’t. Parham’s pick: Ole Miss 48, Central Arkansas 10

Jeffrey Wright: At least there’s no line for this preseason game, so maybe the reaction will be tamer on Saturday night. For the record, I also lost money. WRIGHT’S PICK: Ole Miss 45, Central Arkansas 6

Brian Rippee: Luke Altmyer will get his chance to make his case to be this team’s starting quarterback. Most will scoff at the idea that you can determine something significant by playing an opponent like this, but there is clearly a reason that this is treated like this. Rippee’s pick: Ole Miss 42, Central Arkansas 7

Kentucky +5 at Florida, 6 p.m., ESPN

Neal McCready: This should be a big one. Here’s my concern for Kentucky: That offensive line can’t protect Will Levis. They try to protect the pocket and let Levis, who is really talented, do his thing. They need to move the pocket, but I wonder if it can be done in a week. Meanwhile, the Anthony Richardson Show could have an encore of sorts against the Wildcats. I think this could be a classic. Neal’s pick: Florida 30, Kentucky 24

Chase Parham: I formally apologized to Anthony Richardson on Twitter Saturday night. The Florida quarterback was dynamic in the Utah victory that catapulted the Gators into the national conversation. I think some of the hype is too strong and Richardson will lay an egg or two, but this doesn’t seem like the day for it. Parham’s pick: Florida 27, Kentucky 20

Jeffrey Wright: This is nothing more than a gut game. It makes the most sense for Florida to be one of the stories of the week just to lose this week. Florida is 0-4-1 ATS in the last five games against Kentucky. WRIGHT’S PICK: Florida 31, Kentucky 27

Brian Rippee: I’m really looking forward to it. Are Kentucky, Will Levis and this revamped offense for real? Can Anthony Richardson back up his performance in Week 1? Kentucky has strangely had some success in the Swamp lately. If it’s going to be bad, I can still be bold. Rippee’s pick: Kentucky 27, Florida 24

San Jose State +23 at Auburn, 6:30 p.m., ESPNU

Neal McCready: This is definitely going to be misinterpreted, but I think Auburn is a little bit better than anyone believes. Now, the Tigers might still lose a bunch of games in the league, but I actually like this line. Neal’s Pick: Auburn 38, San Jose State 13

Chase Parham: The losses for Auburn will come, but this won’t be one of them. The Tigers are too physical and the running game is too good. San Jose State is in store for a rough night. Parham’s pick: Auburn 42, San Jose State 17

Jeffrey Wright: The Mountain West is 0-6 ATS against power 5 opponents this year. They failed to cover the spread by an average of 21+ points. My working theory is that the separation between the power 5 and the group of 5 is now taking shape. WRIGHT’S PICK: Auburn 42, San Jose State 10

Brian Rippee: This Robby Ashford subplot is kind of fun, at least until the dysfunctional Auburn booster mob inevitably drains the life out of this season. Rippee’s pick: Auburn 45, San Jose State 7

Southern (No Line) at LSU, 6:30 p.m., SEC Network

Neal McCready: Everyone will be on time for Monday’s press conference. Neal’s Pick: LSU 42, Southern 10

Chase Parham: LSU is one of the must-watch programs for 2022. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Bless their hearts. Parham’s pick: LSU 38, Southern 9

Jeffrey Wright: The good news for LSU is that the South probably won’t score much, so they don’t have to worry about muffining them. WRIGHT’S PICK: LSU 45, Southern 6

Brian Rippee: I would like an apology from Brian Kelly, Scott Woodward, Our Lady of the Lake, or anyone — anyone — involved with the LSU football program for what I had to watch Sunday night. Rippee’s Pick: LSU 45, Southern 3.

Baylor +3 at BYU, 9:15 p.m., ESPN

Neal McCready: I ​​think Baylor is better. It’s that simple. The Bears can match BYU’s game, Dave Aranda will have a great defensive game (he always does), and Baylor’s overall depth will win. This is a late night treat if you’re looking for something to watch along with Chase’s MPW Digital Postgame Show. Neal’s pick: Baylor 27, BYU 23

Chase Parham: I’ll talk to you right while this game is playing. We’re going to cheer for BYU, so we might as well pick it here. Parham’s pick: BYU 31, Baylor 27

Jeffrey Wright: I know this is a trap, but I don’t know in what way. Per ESPN, Baylor is 7-1 ATS against AP ranked teams since 2020. BYU has failed to get a shutout in its last 6 home games against top 10 opponents. Baylor is 5-0 ATS in their last 5 non-conference games.

BYU is 7-1 ATS against Big 12 opponents; Last year’s 38-24 loss to Baylor was the first time the Cougars didn’t cover. If that doesn’t scream trap, I don’t know what does. I think Blake Shapen is good, so I’ll take him. WRIGHT’S SELECTION: Baylor 28, BYU 27

Brian Rippee: The Bears are better than the Cougars. I’m not going to put much more thought into it. Rippee’s pick: Baylor 24, BYU 20

Mississippi State -8 at Arizona, 6:30 p.m., FS1

Neal McCready: I ​​love that line. It’s free money, at least in my opinion. Neal’s pick: Mississippi State 38, Arizona 17

Chase Parham: The late start and the commute are the only reason it gives me a break. I like the State to score a lot. Arizona is improved, but that doesn’t mean the Wildcats don’t suck. Parham’s Pick: State 45, Arizona 27

Jeffrey Wright: I don’t think 8 points is enough. WRIGHT’S PICK: Mississippi State 35, Arizona 21

Brian Rippee: Both teams looked better than I thought in their season debuts. I think Mississippi State is a better football team and should win by two points or more, but strange things happen in the PAC 12 after the sun goes down, or so I’m told. The hundreds of people present could witness a real treat. Rippee’s pick: Mississippi State 34, Arizona 30

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