Eagles fans gearing up for Sunday’s season opener

Eagles fans gearing up for Sunday's season opener

Eagles fans are gearing up for Sunday’s season opener

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eagles fever is rising. People throughout the region are looking forward to the start of the Eagles’ regular season.

Fans are already flocking to the Eagles Pro Shop, and planning for Sunday’s game has begun.

“Every year before the season starts I come in here,” Eagles fan Derrel Jones said, “see what’s new and kind of pick around and make sure I get the right gear, the happy gear that will get us all the way the Super Bowl.”

And it’s not just gameday clothes that are decided. For two grandparents and season ticket holders, they also have to make some pretty tough decisions.

“We already have plans for this Sunday and in fact we are missing two of our grandchildren’s cheerleading competition. They are cheerleading for their local teams. We have to watch the game,” said Michael Moore, season ticket holder. .

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