Junior Bengals cheerleading more popular than ever after the Super Bowl season

CINCINNATI — Football fever is still high in Cincinnati after the Bengals went to the Super Bowl for the first time in decades last season. The excitement is dripping in her cheerleading program.

What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

The Bengals cheerleaders, the Ben-gals run a junior cheer program every year for girls as young as five Normally the cheer director said they get about 150 girls to sign up, this year more than 2,000 tried to sign up They could only take 350, the max capacity on the field The Junior Ben-gals get to perform with the pro cheerleaders during halftime at Saturday’s pre-season game

The Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders, the Ben-gals, are working on a new routine for their next round of recruits. On the same subject : Whitney Sales Head Cheer Coach Name. Nine-year-old Abrianna Reynolds is one of them.

“It’s so exciting to go to the stadium where Joe Burrow plays,” said Abinna’s grandmother, Tina Reynolds, who signed her up to cheer her on.

Abrianna is part of the newest class of Junior Ben-gals cheerleaders.

“I think it’s fun and exciting and maybe this is something you can do later,” Tina Reynolds said.

The youngsters are practicing for the halftime performance in the upcoming preseason game against the LA Rams. It’s the same team that the Bengals lost the Super Bowl title to this year, but that excitement from the team that just did that has left behind, and it’s giving the Bengals a year of record joy.

“The momentum is, the energy is overflowing as a result,” said Ben-gals Cheer Director Charlotte Simons. “It went down to our five-year-olds, six-year-olds, all the way to 18.”

A former pro Ben-gals cheerleader herself, Simons is the longtime director of the Ben-gals cheer team and oversees the junior program.

She said that they usually bring about 150 children to the junior program, but this year more than 2,000 applied to be part of the team.

“We were so excited, we didn’t expect to have a few thousand registered for the program, all in all, we will be filling the field,” said Simons.

She said they could only choose the first 350 to sign up because that is the most they could fit in the field, but she said they are already starting a waiting list for the 2023 Junior Ben-gals team.

The girls go through two days and several hours of practice during the camp and will be performing a halftime routine in Saturday’s pre-season game.

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What are the Bengals saying?

Who thinks the Bengals will beat them? Nobody!” — traces back to the Cincinnati-based Hudepohl Brewing Company, which has been a staple in the Queen City since 1885. This may interest you : Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife claims she caught him sleeping with Nick Cannon wearing a cheerleader outfit | Video.

What is the Bengals cheer chant? CINCINNATI (WXIX) – It’s the most distinctive cry of Bengals fans—Who Dey!†It’s also the name of the fan base itself: “Who Dey Nation.†And the dramatic coda of the “Bengals’ Fight Song ‘ Growlâ, sung at the top of 60,000 lungs after each Bengals touchdown in Paul Brown Stadium.

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What year did the Cincinnati Bengals lose to the 49ers in the Super Bowl?

The 49ers beat the Bengals 26–21 to win their first Super Bowl. The game was played on January 24, 1982, at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. On the same subject : A Golden Opportunity to Highlight Women’s Football. This was the first time a Super Bowl was held in a cold weather city.

Who did the Bengals play in the Super Bowl 33 years ago? And in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Bengals were headed to the Super Bowl for only the second time. They played in Miami, facing a familiar foe – the San Francisco 49ers – the team that beat the Bengals seven years earlier.

How many times have the 49ers beat the Bengals in the Super Bowl?

The two teams have only met 11 times since 1974, but San Francisco has beaten Cincinnati eight times, including twice in the Super Bowl.

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