Male cheerleaders join 2 NFL teams amid complaints and lawsuits

Male cheerleaders join 2 NFL teams amid complaints and lawsuits

For the first time in NFL history, male cheerleaders will be cheering on the sidelines. Of the 32 teams in the NFL, only two have male cheerleaders in addition to women: the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints.

The Rams said tryouts were always open to anyone, but Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron, both classically trained dancers, were the only men to ever show up, CBS News’ Jamie Yuccas reports. The move to gender inclusion comes after a season of lawsuits and complaints filed on behalf of NFL cheerleaders.

Six former cheerleaders from Houston Texans claimed they faced brutal working conditions. A former Miami Dolphins cheerleader claimed she was discriminated against based on her religion. Others fight double standards regarding their weight and wardrobe.

Sports journalist Nancy Armor believes it’s time for teams to prove how much they appreciate their cheerleaders.

“NFL teams have long said, ‘Oh, these are important members of our community.’ But the outfits and the roles they play on Sundays haven’t always reflected that.What better way to say, ‘No, we’re not trying to objectify our cheerleaders’ than by having men and women do it,” he said. armor.

A quick scroll through Twitter shows that not everyone is thrilled with the idea of ​​male cheerleaders. But the criticism doesn’t bother Jinnies or Peron.

“I don’t take it, I don’t need it,” Jinnies said. “As an artist you have to have hard skin. If someone says something negative, it’s nothing new. You just wipe it off.”

“You can’t tell me anything that’s going to hurt because I have the support of my friends, family and my team. That’s all I need,” said Peron.

The boys downplay their groundbreaking role, but Peron, who teaches dance, is proud to make way on the sidelines for a new generation of cheerleaders.

“For me to be able to inspire my kids and honestly say you can really do anything because if I can do this the world is yours. Take it! Take a risk,” Peron said.

And that’s something to argue for.

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Is NFL cheerleader a full time job?

Is NFL cheerleader a full time job?

Most NFL cheerleaders have part-time jobs. Often cheerleaders will graduate or enter college, and move on to other careers after cheering for one to four seasons. See the article : The NFL cheerleaders’ fight needs to be heard. Members participate in training, training camps, competitions, performances, photo shoots and charity events.

How Much Does an NFL Cheerleader Get Paid Per Year? For example, on average, NFL cheerleaders receive: $15 – $20 per hour. $500 per match. $75,000 for annual earnings.

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What NFL team got rid of cheerleaders?

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When did the NFL stop having cheerleaders?

The New York Giants are the only NFL team to never have cheerleaders. This may interest you : Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance wore a cheerleading uniform on stage. The Cleveland Browns have tried them unofficially for the past several decades, most recently in 1971.

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