NFL coronavirus: Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader among those teaching from home during COVID-19 pandemic

NFL coronavirus: Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader among those teaching from home during COVID-19 pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Homework now has a new meaning for students across the country.

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Julia McHale is among the teachers still trying to educate from home.

The 2nd grade teacher at Downing Elementary School in Runnemede, New Jersey, is still connecting with her 23 students while the school is closed.

McHale says “I miss the kids a lot.”

The children also miss their teacher.

Karmen Harrington says from home, “I miss her so much. I just want to hug her.

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McHale has a virtual classroom from her South Jersey home; use Google Classroom, ClassDojo and Zoom to teach, assign assignments and read to children.

“That’s something we do every day at school, so I’m not going to take that away from them,” McHale says via FaceTime interview as she tries to stick to her regular school schedule as best she can.

Harrington, is among the parents who truly appreciate how helpful she has been during this shutdown.

Another parent, Crystal Dimatteo, believes her children will be ready for when school returns at some point.

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McHale, who has been an Eagles cheerleader for four seasons, even incorporates part of what she does into the classroom on Sundays at Eagles games with a game she calls “Spelling Jacks.”

She has her students spell out a word while doing jumping jacks, giving them a break from traditional classroom materials and keeping them active.

“They love it, can’t get enough,” McHale said.

It’s fair to say that McHale and her students will be doing cartwheels when they can finally return to school.

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