O-Zone: Violation of the rules

O-Zone: Violation of the rules

JACKSONVILLE – So let’s get to it…

For the past hundred years, the easiest part of an NFL scheduler’s job has been to write that Detroit and Dallas host games on Thanksgiving Day. Apparently, Detroit did little to warrant a nationally televised game on America’s most important holiday. As traditions begin to fall around the sports world (MLB National League Designated Hitter and LIV golf as examples), do you see that tradition ever being challenged along the way to be more inclusive of other teams?

The Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving every year since 1934 with the exception of 1941-1944 (WWII), and the Cowboys have played on that day every year since 1966. So, maybe not qu-i-i-i-ite 100 years? But this is contempt. Obviously. The league has already “solved” the “problem” by adding a third Thanksgiving game in the prime time slot — making the holiday more “inclusive.” I doubt the NFL Lions will remove the holiday anytime soon and I hope it doesn’t happen. What’s wrong with sticking to some traditions? What the hell does that hurt?

What is the league minimum? Any player who publicly demands a trade is like a toddler throwing a tantrum because he can’t have a toy or a cookie or whatever. I thought they wanted to be treated like grown men. Then act like it. I can’t believe how fragile these players are. I think gratitude is too much for a professional footballer, these professional men need to be pampered all the time. It’s terrible.

The minimum salary in the NFL for a rookie is $660,000. At the risk of sounding like an old man yelling get off my lawn, I agree with most of your point. I’m not keen on the idea that a trade should be approved just because a player requests or demands a trade. When cornerback Jalen Ramsey “demanded” a trade from the Jaguars in 2019, I wrote frequently and said the team should keep him and deactivate him if he refused to play. At the time, he had nearly two years left on his contract, with the Jaguars having the option to assign him the franchise tag if he chose not to play. That’s almost three years with a team in control, and almost three years is a long time for a footballer in his prime to not play football. People reading this might say I’m “on the side of the team” because of my employer. Not so. I’ve said for a long time that players have a right to persist and a right to demand as much money as they can earn. It’s a violent, dangerous sport and the interest in the sport is such that these men who are the best in the world at what they do get paid huge amounts of money. But those same men can also play for their contracts for as long as that contract lasts, and their teams don’t have to meet trade demands and demands. I don’t understand why so many of them persist.

The Colts under Peyton Manning went 10-20 in the preseason. During that same time, they were 85-27 during the regular season. It seems to me that this is clear evidence that pre-season records don’t matter at all.

Westside Johnny from Boselli’s Town

Do you think the NFL is concerned that teams without a really good/great quarterback are simply not competitive? This seems to make the league very one-sided, in a way that the salary cap should prevent from happening. thoughts?

I think the NFL understandably loves being a quarterback-centric league. Quarterbacks are the stars. They are marketable. They generally have long careers, which helps the team because they have stars who can be recognized — and relatable — for a decade or more. Does that make the league one-sided? A little. However, the league is set up right now to have a lot of teams with a lot of productive — and therefore comparable — quarterbacks, so I think the league front office is fine with that.

I don’t care how much of a cultural icon Gene Frenette is or that he can shoot laser beams up his backside and cure global warming. He was not mentioned in the Hall of Fame speech. You are, sir. And it’s really killer. A great honor.

Former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli absolutely mentioned longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. Frenette in his Hall of Fame speech Saturday. Good move by Boselli. Gold jacket or not, you admit Gene.

Do you have a feeling the team will be able to sign the real Josh Allen to a long-term deal? If so, sooner or later?

Jaguars outside linebacker Josh Allen is entering his fourth NFL season, so he may indeed sign a long-term extension. It seems to me that both sides are doing well to wait to achieve this extension. The Jaguars benefit from getting a better idea of ​​how Allen will perform for the current regime, and Allen could benefit from a productive season to increase his market value. If Allen achieves his goal of becoming one of the NFL’s better defensive players, I can see the two sides reaching an extension this season or soon after. That time would make sense.

You know Fred Taylor has been a fraud his entire career. He was cheated by his agent, cheated out of at least four Pro Bowls, and cheated by then-head coach Tom Coughlin when he wasn’t used in the championship game in ’99. That would get him to the Super Bowl. He averaged 4.6 per carry.

Memories fade over time, but I don’t recall Taylor’s abuse costing the Jaguars the AFC Championship Game in 1999. He rushed for 110 yards on 19 carries and caught two passes for 16 yards in that loss to the Tennessee Titans. The Jaguars trailed in the second half of this game, making it difficult to lead the entire game. Anyway…who doesn’t cheat on Freddy T? Definitely.

So it was interesting to see my criticism of the team colors look less like a planned heated argument and more like a case of Yosemite Sam Gets Carried away. Either way, do you think team uniforms can affect a team’s sense of identity? (P.S. I loved the Color Rush Gold unis too).

Sometimes a heated argument can really sound like a silly criticism. That’s why some tweets – and even some O-Zone questions – are best left untweeted and unanswered. Uniforms influence the team’s identity to the public and fans. Many fans and observers love the uniforms – and love to discuss them. If you’re asking if uniforms affect how players and coaches feel about the team or themselves, no.

I agree with you and Diego, John. Mike Hollis edges out Josh Scobee as the better of the two, but what I remember most about Hollis were the returns everyone got except for Little Mikey. The guy was a scrapper with the right attitude, not on my beat.

DaVon Hamilton, Roy Robertson-Harris, Jay Tufele, Adam Gotsis and Dawuane Smoot were rotated and moved at will by the Las Vegas Raiders offensive line. There were holes you could literally drive a Mack truck through. This was concerning as it is a major part of our starting and backup defensive line. I know Foley Fatukasi and Malcom Brown didn’t play, but we should be worried about our defensive line this year. I know Fatukasi and defenders Foye Oluokun and Devin Lloyd didn’t play, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if we’re still struggling to stop the streak. I’m not sure watching film of the game can make up for what I personally witnessed at the game and later when I got home and reviewed the game.

Fatukasi and Brown will be important in this area. I’m also old enough to remember that the Jaguars defensive line, while inconsistent compared to last season, was good at times. I don’t expect the Jaguars defensive line to dominate this season. But I expect them to be better than last season and better than they were last Thursday in the Hall of Fame. The Jaguars believe this will be an area of ​​strength for the team. One game into the preseason doesn’t mean it’s not true, though it’s a legitimate storyline entering Friday.

KOAF: You say, “Never say never.” Can we expect Urban Meyer to return to the organization?

“Never say never” could best be described as a rule. Some of them are made to break.

Ozone is formed when heat and sunlight cause chemical reactions between nitrogen oxides (NOX) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), also known as hydrocarbons. This reaction can occur both at the ground and high in the atmosphere.

What happens if we don’t protect the ozone layer?

What happens if we don't protect the ozone layer?

A depleted ozone layer allows more UV radiation to reach the Earth’s surface. In humans, excessive exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, cataracts, and a weakened immune system. See the article : 2 Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders support early detection of cancer. Increased UV can also lead to reduced crop yields and disruptions in the marine food chain.

Why is it important to protect the ozone layer? The stratospheric ozone layer is the Earth’s “sunscreen” that protects living things from the sun’s excessive ultraviolet radiation. Releases of ozone-depleting substances damage the ozone layer.

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Who discovered ozone layer?

The ozone layer was discovered in 1913 by French physicists Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson. Read also : Cam Newton signs with the Panthers on Thursday. Why is the ozone layer important? Ozone protects the Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

When was the ozone layer first discovered? The ozone layer was first discovered by French physicists Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson in 1913. The layer begins approximately 15 to 35 kilometers above the earth, and its thickness varies seasonally and geographically.

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