Review: ‘From Saturday Night to Sunday Night,’ by Dick Ebersol

Review: 'From Saturday Night to Sunday Night,' by Dick Ebersol

You don’t get to the top of the broadcasting world without making a few enemies. Except, it seems, you’re Dick Ebersol. In his memoir, “From Saturday Night to Sunday Night: My Forty Years of Laughter, Tears, and Touchdowns in TV,” the wildly successful executive describes his contributions to “Saturday Night Live,” prime-time football and Olympic coverage. many name drop in the process.

But Ebersol refuses to give any real insight about the bigwigs he befriended. Controversial figures such as Daniel Stern, Don Ohlmeyer, Jeff Zucker and Robert Kraft all come across as saints. Michael Phelps gets so much love you want to give him another gold medal. The only darts he throws are at NBCUniversal president Steve Burke, who ousted Ebersol from his high-profile position — and the jabs are pretty boring.

Ebersol is just as easy on himself. If he has flaws, he keeps them to himself. The only time Ebersol strays from celebrating his success and famous friends is when he talks about the plane crash that took the life of his son, Teddy. But he quickly goes from doting parent and back to head cheerleader.

Those fascinated with how great TV is made will enjoy backstage access. Just don’t expect to learn much about the masters pulling the strings.

Neal Justin is the Star Tribune’s television critic.

From Saturday night to Sunday night

Publisher: Simon & amp; Schuster, 353 pages, $28.99.

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