Route 9 sign honoring high school cheerleader killed in accident removed, mom says

Route 9 sign honoring high school cheerleader killed in accident removed, mom says

The sign honoring 16-year-old Jennifer Metzger has stood along Route 9 in Woodbridge Township for nearly a decade. Now, officials want it gone.

The Colonia High School cheerleader was killed in a single car crash in 2009. Jennifer’s parents established the JEMMS Foundation Inc., a year after her death, to provide scholarships to high school students in her time and raise awareness about reckless driving.

Part of the latter was the Route 9 sign, which has been in place since around 2012, with the OK from the DOT. Jennifer’s mother, Lisa Metzger, says that the sign serves not only as their family’s signature, but their way of educating people, warning against speeding.

Last month, Lisa got a call from state transportation officials who said the sign was considered an “advertisement” and needed to be taken down, she wrote in a Facebook post — livid and heartbroken.

“All I wanted to do was hope that we saved at least one person’s life,” Metzger writes. “I will be taking this more until I have no fight left in me.”

A DOT official apparently told her that someone in the Mayor’s office wants the sign removed so the site can be redeveloped.

If she wants to keep the sign up, Lisa will have to apply for a permit, which must be approved.

Lisa said she had hoped someone in the mayor’s office would have reached her before she took things to the DOT.

A DOT spokesperson told NJ Advance Media that the sign was removed from the Metzgers ahead of an upcoming construction project, and the mayor is working to relocate the sign.

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