Route 9 sign honoring high school cheerleader killed in crash ordered removal, mom says

Route 9 sign honoring high school cheerleader killed in crash ordered removal, mom says

A sign honoring 16-year-old Jennifer Metzger has stood on Route 9 in Woodbridge Township for nearly a decade. Now, the authorities want it gone.

Colonia High School’s principal was killed in a single-car accident in 2009. Jennifer’s parents created the JEMMS Foundation Inc., a year after her death, to provide scholarships to fellow high school students and raise awareness about distracted driving.

The final piece was the Route 9 sign, which has been in place since 2012, with the OK from the DOT. Jennifer’s mother, Lisa Metzger, says the sign serves not only as a symbol of her family, but as a way of teaching people, and a warning about speeding.

Last month, Lisa received a call from public transport officials saying the sign was a “sign” and should be taken down, she wrote in a Facebook post – clearly and distraught.

“All I ever wanted to do was hope that we saved one life,” Metzger writes. “I will continue this until I have no more fight left in me.”

A DOT official apparently told someone in the mayor’s office that he wants the sign removed so the site can be redeveloped.

If she wants to remain registered, Lisa must request permission, which will need to be approved.

Lisa said she hoped someone in the mayor’s office would have reached out to her before taking the matter to the DOT.

A DOT spokesperson told NJ Advance Media that the sign was removed by Metzgers ahead of an upcoming construction project, and the mayor is working on relocating the sign.

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To obtain a copy of the official crash report, or to obtain information about the actual accident, you should contact the headquarters of the Highway Patrol or the Patrol’s Traffic Division at (573) 526-6113.

What type of road is the safest?

What type of road is the safest?

Fortunately, the part of driving that people fear the most turns out to be the safest part. See the article : Photo Gallery: Calaveras Cheerleading Practice (8/15/22) | Gallery | Federal transportation data has consistently shown that highways are safer than other roads.

Is the highway safer than the local road? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), deaths were higher on urban roads compared to rural roads in 2018. There are reasons why road accidents are more frequent and more deadly than urban accidents.

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