What stunts are illegal in high school cheerleading?

What stunts are illegal in high school cheerleading?

Suspended reverse stunts, Basket toss flips, and 2 ½ high (3-tier) pyramids are prohibited by the NFHS High School Spirit Rules. Basket throwing and spinning dismounts/releases/tumbles will also have restrictions this year. Consult your NFHS Spirit Rules Book.

What is top girl in cheerleading?

The top girl, or flyer, is the one who is lifted and thrown into the air during stunts. To see also : How can I be a flyer?. They twist and turn energetically in the air, relying on their base and spotters to catch them safely.

What are all the cheer positions? There are three main types of positions in cheerleading stunts; bases, flyers and spotters. The positions can be further divided into main bases, secondary/side bases, back spots, front spots and additional spotters.

What is the hardest position in cheerleading?

What is the hardest position in cheerleading? Many people would argue that the hardest position in cheerleading is the basics. On the same subject : What is the hardest cheer stunt?. Every stunt needs a solid foundation to be successful! The bases should be solid, hold tight and be able to catch flyers at any point during the routine.

What is the top cheerleader called?

The position of flyer in cheerleading goes by many names, including mounter, top, climber or floater. This may interest you : Who is the best cheerleader in the world 2022?. Regardless of what you call it, this position refers to the person being lifted or thrown into the air.

What is the most important position in cheerleading?

It’s no surprise why flyers are the most popular position in cheerleading! Since these cheerleaders have to perform various stunts (often in the air), they should not be afraid of heights.

How do I stop being scared of flyers in cheerleading?
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What’s the position called when your thrown in the air in cheer?

The position of flyer in cheerleading goes by many names, including mounter, top, climber or floater. Regardless of what you call it, this position refers to the person being lifted or thrown into the air.

What are all the roles in cheerleading? The first step to determining the cheerleading team’s role in an athletic department’s mission is to understand a cheerleader’s top five responsibilities: Crowd Leader, Spirit Raiser, Ambassador, Athlete, and Entertainer.

What are cheer positions called?

The three main positions of cheerleading are the base, the back seat and the flyer. While there are only three main positions in cheer, there are many cheerleaders who take these positions during a routine; more than one cheerleader in a squad can be a flyer, backspot, or base.

What is the role of the performer who holds the flyer?

Bases are the athletes who keep the flyer or top girl in the air during the stunt. Bases are very strong and are usually assigned to each other based on height to create a flat platform on which the flyer can perform an action.

What is stunt position?

A stunt skill in which a single base holds a top person, usually in a cradle position (as seen in ‘Swing Dancing’). The base then releases the legs of the top person and swings the legs (which are together) around the back of the base.

What is the hardest cheer stunt to do?
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What age is tiny cheer?

Tiny: ages four to six. Mini: from five to eight years. Youth: 5 to 11 years Junior: 5 to 14 years.

At what age do the athletes cheer? As of 2020, all-star cheerleading, as sanctioned by the USASF, includes a team of 5 to 36 women and men. All-star cheerleaders are placed in divisions, which are grouped by age, team size, gender of contestants, and skill level. The age groups range from under 4 years to 18 years and older.

What are the levels of competitive cheer?

There are four possible levels:

  • Level 1.1 – Stunts at level 1, tumbling at level 1.
  • Level 2.1 – Level 2 stunts, level 1 tumble.
  • Level 3.1 – Stunt at level 3, tumble at level 1.
  • Level 3.2 – Stunts at level 3, tumble at level 2.

What does U18 mean in cheer?

1. U18. Female Male. 10-24 members. 11-15 years old 12-16 years old.

What is the best position in cheer?
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Are helicopters illegal in cheer?

Unless noted below, a release stunt must be either cradled or connected to at least one bracer. a. Helicopters are PROHIBITED b. A log roll is legal provided there is no more than one full rotation and the top person does not come into contact with a person in a release stunt.

Are forward handsprings illegal in cheering? Non-tumbling advanced teams will follow the “2019-20 USA Cheer/AACCA School Cheer Safety Rules” with additional tumbling skill restrictions for the division. This layout prohibits all standing and/or running tumbling. This includes forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, roundups, handsprings, tucks (flips), etc.

Are baskets illegal in cheerleading?

“These rules will allow for better skill development.” To allay these concerns, the AACCA Rules Committee has decided to ban all elementary, middle, and junior high cheerleaders, regardless of surface.

What stunts are illegal in high school cheer?

It is illegal to tumble over, on or under a stunt, person or prop. Bouncing off a stunt, person or prop is illegal. EXCEPTIONS: a) It is allowed to tumble over a person or support without air. (Cartwheels, rolls and walkovers with poms or over a person are allowed.)

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