Bennedict Mathurin says he reached out to TCU cheerleader after viral March Madness video

Bennedict Mathurin says he reached out to TCU cheerleader after viral March Madness video

Bennedict Mathurin, the Arizona guard who appeared to thump a TCU cheerleader in the chest in a viral video from Sunday’s March Madness game, said he reached out to her and tried to apologize.

“I actually sent an email trying to reach the cheerleader,” Mathurin told reporters on Wednesday. “It was through the TCU athletic department that I reached out to her and that was it.”

Prior to Mathurin’s comments, Arizona athletic director Dave Heeke released a statement saying Mathurin did not recall touching the cheerleader.

“Shortly after returning to Tucson, I was notified that people on social media are claiming that video footage shows that Bennedict Mathurin may have made physical contact with a TCU student as he was coming off the field. “I reached out to the TCU Athletics Department and I spoke with Benedict,” Heeke said, according to ESPN. “Although he does not recall any contact, he attempted to reach a TCU student through their athletic department to apologize.”

TCU has not made any public comment on the matter.

In the video, Mathurin bowed to the crowd and entered the Arizona locker room with open arms. In the middle of it, he appeared to be touching the chest of a TCU cheerleader, even though his head was turned to the side and she had no immediate reaction.

Mathurin, a sophomore, scored 30 points in Arizona’s win over TCU on Sunday.

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