Louis native of St. earned a spot as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Louis native of St. earned a spot as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Hayes was selected to be one of nine rookies to cheer on the American team this season.

ST. LOUIS – A St. Louisan was on the sidelines at AT&T Stadium to cheer on the Dallas Cowboys at Sunday’s home debut.

The stars have lined up for Kayla Hayes, 22, the latest rookie on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders team.

“I’ve definitely shed a few tears, that’s for sure. It’s very exciting to know that I’ve earned my 15 stars and my boots in the last nine weeks,” said Hayes.

Hayes has been named one of nine rookies fans will see on the pitch this season dancing for one of the league’s most famous teams.

The Florissant native told 5 On Your Side that she has been fascinated by NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers since she was a little girl.

“I think when I was younger, growing up also seeing a lot of African American women. Especially when the Rams were in St. Louis and just seeing people who looked like me really inspired me knowing if they could. Then I might see myself up there someday, “he said.

His home support system recognized this too.

“We made music videos when we were younger and we practiced our tricks together and it all started. I used to do dance class and she would watch me,” said Brittany Hayes, Kayla’s older sister.

“During her first recital. She smiled and knew all her steps. I’m so proud of her. She’s beautiful,” added Rhonda Hayes, Kayla’s mom.

At five, Hayes happily filmed at DK Dance Productions in St. Louis County where she danced and garnered awards until she graduated from Westminster Christian Academy, where she also cheered.

Hayes continued to develop his skills at Butler University in Indianapolis, where he was part of the collegiate dance team and served as a captain throughout his youth and senior years.

“To continue to dance after college and be a professional is a great honor, so we are very happy for her,” said Marion Hayes, Kayla’s father.

For her coach Darci Ward, she was the student every teacher wants.

“What I remember most about her as a child is her smile,” Ward said.

Ward, who continues to teach girls, prided himself on Hayes’ technique and passion for improvement.

“He works hard. He asks questions. He wants to know more. He wants to be better every single time,” he added.

The two bonded during CMT’s hit show: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team which captures young cheerleaders going through a difficult process to become one of America’s sweethearts.

“It was like he knew this will be you in a couple of years. When I would have watched the show. It’s just crazy to think I’m living this dream right now, ”Hayes said.

Ward welcomed the dancer home to the studio to help her with her audition which turned out to be one of several rounds.

“Seeing them grab their dream and take it really far is the best feeling. She has so many eyes looking at her for the great role model she has always been, ”Ward said.

Hayes shared a tip for other girls looking to make it through.

“Do it. Keep dreaming big and setting new goals for yourself every day,” she said.

Hayes’ family traveled to Dallas and was in the stands on Sunday to cheer for her.

What DCC cheerleader passed away?

What DCC cheerleader passed away?

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Did Holly get fired from DCC?

In 2017, cheerleader Holly Powell left the team after director Kelli Finglass, who took over in 1991, learned that she and her teammate Jenna Jackson had been seen with the players, a clash captured in the twelfth season of the reality show Making the Team. See the article : Do you want to become a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys? Auditions begin in May..

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