Makayla Noble Updates As Paralympic Leader Marks 5 Months Since Accident

Makayla Noble Updates As Paralympic Leader Marks 5 Months Since Accident

Makayla Noble, the high school cheerleader who was paralyzed in an accident last year, has turned five months since her accident on Sunday.

Noble, who lives in Prosper, Texas, suffered a serious spinal cord injury on September 20, 2021, while practicing tumbling – an acrobatic form of gymnastics – for a welcome performance at a friend’s house.

The world champion cheerleader tried to do a routine flip but ended up falling on her neck, damaging her C6 vertebra. This left her paralyzed from the chest down and unable to move her hands.

Since the accident, thousands of people have followed his story online and the family has also received tremendous support from people in their North Texas community and farther afield.

The five-month anniversary of Noble’s accident came when a fundraiser set up to raise money for the family reached nearly $220,000 in donations.

Noble spent his five-month birthday weekend at an event hosted by clothing brand Rebel Athletic Cheer in Atlanta, Georgia.

“It was a great day for Mak! Wrapping up an amazing weekend with Rebel Athletic Cheer, we are so grateful for this opportunity and for everything Rebel has done!” said the Noble family in an update posted to the Makayla’s Fight Facebook group on Sunday. .

“Today is 5 months since Mak’s accident and for her it was amazing to spend it with so many of her cheerleading friends and people who raise her! Normally this birthday day can be difficult and full of emotions, today was different for Mak! Thank you to all of you who loved and poured into Makayla this weekend.”

Noble had previously talked about how the monthly anniversaries of his accident were emotionally difficult days.

On the four-month anniversary of her accident, Noble posted an Instagram video in which she said it had been “a pretty rough day”.

“A lot of emotions are hitting me, realizations and kind of regretting the things I’ve missed in the last four months, [and] haven’t been able to do.”

The teenager added that she didn’t want to make the video because being vulnerable is “very hard, especially when you’re sad and upset.”

“But I know it’s so important to be vulnerable, because it’s just as important to share the bad times as the good. So here I am making this video,” she said.

On Saturday, the family said in another update that Noble was able to meet one of their biggest role models at the event – reality TV star and author Sadie Robertson.

In a video message to his followers that was posted to Instagram at the event, Noble said: “Hey guys, I’m here at Rebel and just wanted to say… it showed me and everyone here, it’s absolutely amazing.”

Can a Paralysed person move?

Can a Paralysed person move?

Symptoms of Paralysis The main symptom of paralysis is the inability to move part of your body, or not being able to move. It can start suddenly or gradually. This may interest you : Over/Unders for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles in 2022 | Bird Bird. Sometimes it comes and goes.

Can a paralyzed person move their legs? A 39-year-old man who had been completely paralyzed for four years was able to voluntarily control his leg muscles and take thousands of steps on a “robotic exoskeleton” device during five days of training and for two weeks afterwards – a team of UCLA scientists reports this week.

Can a paralyzed person walk?

Spinal cord implant allows paraplegics to walk again, scientists say. To see also : Super Bowl cheerleaders 2017: The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are gearing up for battle, and so are the …. Three paralyzed men with severe spinal cord injuries were able to walk again days after receiving a spinal cord implant that stimulates muscles in the trunk and legs – a development that scientists believe could have wide application as a commercial product.

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