The three-day GapSummit at Magdalene College is a cheerleader for enthusiastic biotechnologists

Magdalene College was last week the venue for the three-day GapSummit 2022 conference hosted by the Global Biotech Revolution (GBR) student body at the University of Cambridge.

GapSummit is an annual conference that aims to connect early-career professionals with a passion for the life sciences with peers from around the world and leaders in biotechnology and pharma.

Ioannis Prattis, president of GBR, says it is “the world’s only summit of intergenerational leaders in the biotech and healthcare sectors, which aims to connect current leaders with carefully selected next-generation leaders”.

The three-day event, first held in Cambridge in 2014, kicked off on Monday with a focus on sustainability as an overarching theme and three key themes in particular:

– Biosphere: The imbalance gap of an overexploited planet

– Sociosphere: coordination and communication gap of globalized society, and

– Econosphere: the accessibility gap of the digital age.

The three days of the event featured 100 early career leaders from over 35 countries participating in panels on topics such as “Rethinking Food Today and Tomorrow”, Circular Economy Opportunities and “Resources of the Future”. Participants vary from start-ups to NGOs, large biotech companies to niche consultants and many PhD students attending universities including Yale, Imperial College and the University of Tokyo.

Keynote speakers included Alan Hirzel, CEO of Abcam, Chris Wigley, CEO of Genomics England, Bill Anderson, CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Lord David Willetts, Chairman of the Resolution Foundation.

Global Biotech Revolution (GBR) is a youth-led non-profit organization focused on connecting and developing the next generation of leaders in biotechnology. GBR was founded in 2012 by two PhD students at the University of Cambridge.

Ioannis Prattis added: “The Global Biotech Revolution is working towards a central mission: to inspire and develop future leaders in the biotech and healthcare ecosystems to accelerate growth in these fields. GapSummit fulfills the first part of our mission, which is to inspire future leaders by connecting them with current leaders.”

Victoria Au Yeung, Executive Director of GapSummit 2022, added: “Organizing GapSummit 2022 has been a remarkable experience and we are excited to bring together biotechnology leaders from around the world to discuss important issues at the regional and global level.

“We hope that GapSummit 2022 will not only broaden the horizons of our future leaders, but also inspire them to take action and make a positive difference through the use of leadership and innovation.”

At the end of this year’s edition of GapSummit, praise and respect for organizational achievements began to pour in.

“Few events manage to captivate, educate and integrate an audience – GapSummit achieved all this and more,” said Donnacha Fitzgerald, a PhD student at EMBL Heidelberg and a participant in this year’s conference. “Not only was it a transition into the global biotech community, but I had time on my hands and made lasting connections and real friendships. A must for young biotech enthusiasts!”

In addition to the 100 invited future biotech leaders, a large number of current pharma and biotech leaders attended – a total of 189, including GBR organizers and volunteers.

Adelina Ivanova, CEO of GapSummit 2022, highlighted the importance and hard work of the team before and during the event: “The GapSummit organization is entirely volunteer-led and embodies the passion of the next generation of leaders in biotechnology and healthcare. for a truly positive effect.

“The immense effort of over 30 team members made such a successful event possible and ensured the greatest global impact of the thought-provoking conversations hosted during the summit.”

On the third day, participants had the opportunity to present their own idea for a biotechnology start-up aimed at solving the gaps that the summit was trying to address. The winning team focused on new ways to make medical products, such as vaccines, more thermostable, and now has the opportunity to turn their idea into a real business model. Rounding off the event on Thursday were some social activities, including punting and a walk around town.

Ioannis concluded, “The GapSummit was a huge success, as over the three days of the summit, the next generation of biotech leaders had the opportunity to share challenging opinions, debate and network with the current leadership generation.

“We hope that all of the enlightening ideas and solutions discussed during the event will be transferred back to communities and societies for real-world impact results.”

The most prominent area of ​​biotechnology is the production of therapeutic proteins and other drugs through genetic engineering.

What is the oldest form of biotechnology?

What is the oldest form of biotechnology?

The oldest form of biotechnology is called selective breeding. Selective breeding is used to obtain certain traits in a plant or animal, such as selecting the most aggressive bull for breeding. To see also : Athens Area High School’s football program is disciplined by more than just hazing. Charles Darwin discussed this topic in 1859 in his book On the Origin of Species.

Where was biotechnology first used? They are all products of biotechnology. Man has been using biotechnology since the dawn of civilization. The Egyptians used yeast to bake sourdough bread, the Chinese developed fermentation techniques for brewing and cheese making, and the Aztecs used Spirulina algae to make pastries.

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What is the importance of biotechnology in human life?

Biotechnology is most important because of its implications in health and medicine. Read also : O-Zone: Keep crying. Through genetic engineering—the controlled alteration of genetic material—scientists have been able to create new drugs, including interferon for cancer patients, synthetic human growth hormone, and synthetic insulin.


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