Well, That Ended Badly: The Frost Decision and How It May Affect Illinois

Well, That Ended Badly: The Frost Decision and How It May Affect Illinois

On Sunday, the University of Nebraska fired Head Coach Scott Frost after going 16-31 in four seasons at the helm. The shooting came after a 45-42 home loss to Georgia Southern.

So how can the Cornhuskers coach impact the Illini?

Well, there’s no more Scott Frost to play. Which is too bad, really, because it was an easy target. Also, while there are many varieties, fans of Nebraska, there are some who … well, I can not say that I will not make wine from tears, bottle it, and Donate glasses on Quad Day. And watching those fans transition through every stage of football grief has been fun.

The B1G West might stop being a laughing stock if Nebraska hires a really good coach. This brings the bottom of the B1G west above the grade. It can be a tension that helps to reduce the division more than the division of the younger brother. With the arrival of USC next, it could be an important leap to revive the area that was led by traditional power.

So the Illini need to be more aggressive in order to keep going forward. If Nebraska finally gets it right and is restored to its former glory, it will be incumbent upon the Illini to not only tread water in recruiting. The current coaching staff seems to have a lot of stars (more on that later), which is a good start. But it’s time to start having more wars.

Decisions like Rico Jackson and Jamarion Harkless were more damaging to a program that failed to cover Roderick Pierce and Malik Elzy. At some point, there has to be an acknowledgment that near-loss of pride for “moral success” and “being in it until the end, when possible” is not enough to improve the fanbase. Just because you plan to move on doesn’t mean you don’t need the star power of top players.

The best choice for the position is Iowa State coach Matt Campbell.

Several media outlets reported that Campbell sat at the top of the candidate list, and for good reason. He confirmed the recruitment process in the Midwest region. He assumed NFL eligibility for Ames, and could stand to benefit greatly from Nebraska’s deep pockets and its well-rounded resource pool.

That means the Illini could look to the field in current Campbell assistant and former Illini player Nathan Scheelhaase. We can all imagine Nathan noting the lack of defense and reconfiguration of the route that allowed the Nebraska receiver to get open and win the championship in Champaign during some of the Illini’s homecoming weekends. You know what? This makes me sad so I will move on.

Could Bret Bielema be a candidate? According to ESPN’s Pete Thamel, Nebraska may be interested in pursuing Bielema.

On the one hand, this seems pretty far-fetched. Bielema is in his 2nd year at Illinois, and the rebuild hasn’t been as fast as Mel Tucker’s turnaround yet. But Bielema has a significant connection to the B1G West and its recruiting footprint. Also, we have set up large pockets Nebraska can use to bid Bielema the godfather.

While it’s hard to imagine AD Josh Whitman letting this happen without a fight, the sight of Bret Bielema jumping up and down in the Midwest in a red and white jacket is familiar. It’s someone I don’t want to see again. And speaking of things I don’t want to seeā€¦

Illinois defensive lineman Ryan Walters is becoming such a star in the coaching ranks that he could be in position to take over the P5 coaching job sooner than Wisconsin wunderkind Jim Leonhard. Walters led the Illini defense from a power 5 collapse to a division no one wanted to face.

The former Colorado safety helped turn Kerby Joseph from a turn-of-the-best guy to a day two NFL draft pick. Coach Walters’ five minute interview is enough to impress the football fanatics among us. With his experience in Colorado and Missouri, Nebraska could do worse than the current DC Illini.

Of course, the Nebraska fanbase might not want an assistant from such a program. They may want a big name who has won big games in big programs. So friends…

Urban Meyer’s rumored flight to Nebraska has left the station and I’m here for it all. Now his impact on the Illini will be threefold.

Also, knowing Nebraska fans, they can say that Meyer is incomplete and they deserve someone like Tom Osborne or … Tom Osborne.

In the end, the Huskers are climbing blindfolded into the abyss of ignorance. Or, they are in the process of hiring a search firm to help find a football coach. Whichever style you prefer, this is a national football story. And it shines a light on the B1G West.

Whether the hire is very good or bad, I hope that all the members of the Ilini community are already prepared for the discussion, rumors, rights, and re-messaging.

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