Rams Legends, Cheerleaders and Rampage Team Up with Local Veterans for ‘Together We Remember 9/11’ Service Event

Rams Legends, Cheerleaders and Rampage Team Up with Local Veterans for 'Together We Remember 9/11' Service Event

Following the 2022 season opener, the Rams, the NFL and the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) joined The Mission Continues in partnership with NFL Salute to Service, NFL Green and CultivaLA to improve community gardens and meeting spaces for Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 5394 in Compton as part of the service event ‘Together We Remember 9/ 11’ on Saturday, Sept. 10. Rams Legends Harold Jackson, Robert Delphino and Lou Smith joined the Rams Cheerleaders, mascot Rampage, NFL representatives and local veterans. project.

“I served six years in the National Guard and I enjoyed it because there were other players who had also served,” said veteran and Rams Legend Harold Jackson. “You give back to the community because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be who we are. This is just like when you play, if there were no fans you wouldn’t be able to do it. come out and enjoy the game because they are the ones who make us happy.”

The event began with opening remarks from each partner organization. Patrick Ketchum, US Veteran and The Mission Continues Regional Operations Manager, gave an account of the project and emphasized the importance of giving back to those who serve.

“We remember 21 years ago the terrible events that happened on September 11, but what was amazing was the sense of community that came after it,” Ketchum said. “We are honoring the loss by remembering the wonderful sense of honor and community, and reviving this wonderful project of service every year at this time. We honor their sacrifice by doing something good for the community.”

With support from the NFL and the Bob Woodruff Foundation Salute to Service Assistance, The Mission Continues has connected more than 8,000 veteran volunteers with service opportunities in underserved communities. The work continues to be two-fold: veterans have increased opportunities for community engagement and mental health improvement, and communities benefit from efforts to improve educational resources, address food insecurity, promote community identity, and more.

“It’s amazing that you all are here today to transform the human resources, aid office and pantry,” said Sherman Watson, US Marine Veteran and VFW Post 5394 platoon commander. “You guys are incredible, you don’t just bring out people, but you bring out veterans to come out here and do something for the community. It’s a long journey but it’s an incredible journey meeting different people.”

VFW Post 5394 was opened during the Vietnam War by a group of black veterans who returned home to experience segregation and discrimination. The VFW continues to have a reputation as a safe haven for the black community in Compton.

On Sunday, Sept. 11, The Wallace Firm joined with the Rams Cheerleaders and Rampage to volunteer with the National Meal Pack for 9/11 Day. Together, they packed meals for Angelenos facing food shortages, to turn the 9/11 anniversary into a national day of kindness and to revive the spirit of solidarity that arose in America in the recent aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

To learn more about the Rams’ community efforts, please visit www.therams.com/community.

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