The Walled Lakes community has held protests behind the 11-year-old lemonade stand

The Walled Lakes community has held protests behind the 11-year-old lemonade stand

Kendall Barnett suffers from severe headaches

Kendall Barnett suffers from severe headaches

WALLED LAKE, Mich. – Thanks to his efforts, one local cheerleader’s dreams are coming true, and his team has something new to cheer for. See the article : UVA Cheerleaders salute Jackson-Via Elementary School Students.

Kendall Barnett is 11 years old and has severe headaches.

“He goes crazy, he can’t talk, he can’t talk, he’s screaming, and you don’t know what’s going on, and he can’t express himself,” said Barnett’s mother, Jennifer Trombley. “Or he feels that the moment is coming, and we can take measures to prevent it.”

Cheerleading is one of the activities that Barnett has been able to participate in.

“I’ve done a lot of sports, and they’re all like really aggressive, which makes the migraines worse,” Barnett said.

His future in the sport was put in jeopardy when his mother received a bill for the 2022 cheerleading season.

“In the group they were placed in, prices have tripled since last year,” Trombley said. “Last year we paid a little over two thousand. This year, we’re looking for about six with travel because it’s out of state.”

It’s money he doesn’t have, so the two came up with the idea of ​​running a lemonade stand. They arrived at Greenhouse on Walled Lake, a business located on a corner known for high foot traffic.

“They wanted to put up a lemonade stand,” said Mill owner Jerry. “How does that hurt me? It is not”.

Barnett’s Lemonade Stand grew out of it.

“Some people would give a dollar and that still makes a big difference, it adds up, and then some people would give $5, and some people would give $10, and some people would give a lot,” Barnett said.

His goal was $3,000, and after a week and a half, he was about $1,000 short, but then Millen made up the difference.

Then Pennsylvania-based Elite Sportswear heard about what Barnett was doing and donated $10,000 worth of practice gear to him and his team.

“He came out here to keep cheering,” Millen said. “Not only did he help himself, but he helped all of his teammates, so I hope his teammates understand that Kendall was out here, in 92 degrees, soaking his ass to raise money and get free stuff.”

“I appreciate it,” Barnett said. “It’s so much to take in. It’s unbelievable.”

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