Beyond the Playbook: Hermantown dancer turned Vikings cheerleader

Beyond the Playbook: Hermantown dancer turned Vikings cheerleader

When you hear the name Hermantown Hawks, you immediately think of hockey. However, for Karlyn Nessa, she changes the band by dancing at Corey Veech Memorial Field from humble beginnings. Until this year, U.S. Bank Stadium, become a professional cheerleader with the Minnesota Vikings.

“I started dancing when I was two years old. My parents made me dance by the time I could move. They always said I was always walking around. So they put me in dance classes. After that, I was in a studio all my life and with the Minnesota Ballet for a few years,” said Karlyn Nessa.

From there she attended Saint Thomas University and continued to perform at a high level.

“When I was there, we won four national championships as a team. Then I tried Vikings last May and made it, so I’ve been dancing non-stop for the past 19 years.”

The process of joining the Vikings squad was not an easy one. From submitting applications, learning routines and filming yourself completing the dances. Everything in preparation for a two-week training camp.

Fortunately, there was a lot of exposure in this new experience for Nessa.

Karlyn Nessa at U.S. Bank Stadium

Karlyn Nessa at U.S. Bank Stadium

“My college roommate had been on the team for a year. My dance team coach has also been on the team for a while, so I knew she was going in and when one of my teammates was on the dance team, we tried it out together. This may interest you : NFL cheerleaders on many teams have to abide by strict rules. We both made it, so I got to meet a lot of new people. I also knew some people, which was very reassuring.”

For a born and bred Vikings fan, the experience is a dream come true.

“It was super exciting, I had to keep control myself. It still doesn’t really hit me. Like, I’ve already had a preseason game, but I don’t know, it’s like everything about it is like a dream. Come out and love it so much. So I think hopefully as a home opener I would all go out there and say, Oh my gosh, this is insane, it’s been a dream so far,” Nessa added.

A dream made possible by those who support her and a quote that Karlyn lives by.

“I’ve always had this quote that I love and it’s that you didn’t come this far on your own.”

“Just keep pushing for the next thing, like the dance team was great and like I was like this is incredible. And I have championships with them, but I was like, what can I do now? The Vikings were the next step for me. ”

“My parents are like my best friends in the whole world. They did everything for me.

They are just my biggest supporters. They come for as many games as possible and they are always there to cheer me on,” concluded Nessa.

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