Davante Adams reveals what team he thought he would make

Davante Adams reveals what team he thought he would make

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – JANUARY 16: Davante Adams #17 of the Green Bay Packers celebrates defeating the Los Angeles Rams 32-18 in the NFC Divisional Playoff game at Lambeau Field on January 16, 2021 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Eight years ago, Davante Adams fell to the Green Bay Packers with the 53rd pick in the NFL Draft.

In retrospect, it’s crazy that the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver lasted this long. At the time, Adams also thought he would hear his name called much sooner.

In an interview with former NFL cornerback Eric Allen (Panthers Wire’s Anthony Rizzuti), Adams recalled his frustration at watching teams skip his draft party. One team in particular thought it would end the slide late in the opening round.

“Right out of the gate, I keep hearing all these names. A bunch of receivers. A lot of receivers go early and I don’t hear my name called. And I’m like, ‘Okay, this is weird.’ Teams said they were interested in me, not even picking receivers.

“So now I’m, now I’m getting nervous. And we get to the end, I think at 28 I thought I was going to the Carolina Panthers. That’s what spoke to me the most. They picked Kelvin Benjamin. I took my phone out, everything. I’m telling people to leave ».

At first it looked like Carolina made the right call. Benjamin had 1,008 receiving yards and nine touchdowns as a rookie, but his career went downhill fast. He has not played in the NFL since 2018, most recently attempting an unsuccessful comeback last season as a tight end with the New York Giants.

Of course, the Panthers aren’t the only team that should regret not taking Adams. He mentioned that he viewed the Seattle Seahawks as another option before declining. However, they still chose Paul Richardson ahead of Adams.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles took Marqise Lee and Jordan Matthews, respectively, ahead of Adams in the second round. Troy Niklas, the Arizona Cardinals’ first slot before Adams, had 19 receptions.

In hindsight, the Packers were also foolish not to go in the first round. It worked out perfectly for them, as Adams had 8,121 receiving yards and 73 touchdowns in eight seasons before being traded to the Las Vegas Raiders for the 22nd and 53rd picks in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Adams will now join former Fresno State teammate Derek Carr, who was selected behind Johnny Manziel with the 36th pick in the same 2014 draft.

Who is Davante Adams best friend?

Who is Davante Adams best friend?

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams and quarterback Derek Carr are best friends and their relationship goes back to their college days at Fresno State. On the same subject : Pederson: “It’s been a good week.” | Press Conference. In addition to being a QB/WR bond on the football field, Adams and Carr have a bond off the field as well.

What did Davante Adams say about Aaron Rodgers? Raiders’ Davante Adams calls Aaron Rodgers best QB in NFL: ‘He had the Michael Jordan effect’ New Packers wide receiver Sammy Watkins had high praise for Aaron Rodgers last month, telling reporters he was ‘on another level’ that there is than Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes.

Are Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams still friends?

Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers remain close friends beyond the Packers. Read also : O-Zone: Tidbits. In all of his comments, Adams has said nothing to disparage Rodgers.

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Does Davante Adams want to play with Derek Carr?

Davante Adams turned down more money from the Packers and asked the Raiders for a trade instead. See the article : Scott Wants McConnell to Be a ‘Cheerleader’ for Bad Candidates. The All-Pro wide receiver confirmed last month that he wanted to reunite with his best friend, Derek Carr, and move closer to his hometown.

Are Derek Carr and Davante Adams friends? Since then, they remained close friends, but privately they also wanted to join an NFL team. They exchanged messages, trained together in the offseason and were even neighbors in Danville, Calif., for years before the Raiders moved to Las Vegas in 2020.

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