Police Officer Joins Cheerleaders on Sideline During Game [VIDEO]

Police Officer Joins Cheerleaders on Sideline During Game [VIDEO]

Watch as a police officer who is also a school resource officer joins the cheerleaders on the sidelines to cheer on their team.

Officer Hobbs wasn’t afraid to show off his cheering skills in front of the crowd, and now the internet is in love with this officer.

It’s always great to see police officers interact with kids and the general public like this, and I hope we see some of that in Acadiana this high school football season.

This officer works for the Bellevue Police Department.

By the way, wait until the end, then he really shows his skills.

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LOOK: TV Locations in Every State

LOOK: TV Locations in Every State

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What happened to the Dayton 94.5 radio station? âHot Country B-94.5â WYDB Dayton, OH, flipped to conservative talk âFM94. 5â Monday as iHeartMedia’s Aloha Station Trust closed its deal to donate the station and classic hits “Big 106.5â WRZX to the Delmarva Educational Association.

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