“By being cheerleaders for corporate greed, Ms. Truss and co showed true colors”

Workers desperately need a pay rise to pay the bills, cover the rent and put food on the table in a nation facing its worst cost-of-living crisis in more than 60 years.

Britain is facing its worst cost of living crisis in more than 60 years.

Workers need a pay rise to pay the bills, cover the rent and put food on the table.

You would think that helping people in these difficult times would be a priority for the Government.

But when it comes to providing support, Liz Truss isn’t worried about nurses or care workers. They are bankers.

His chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is making plans to lift the cap on their allowances.

Forget the millions who have seen their incomes shrink due to rising inflation, or families struggling to feed their children, or pensioners who can’t heat their homes.

Mr. Kwarteng has decided that City fat cats need special treatment.

The Tories argue that the allowances are hindering the UK’s financial sector from competing with the United States and Asia.

If that were the case, banks wouldn’t be reporting record profits and financial sector bonuses wouldn’t be at an all-time high.

Ms. Truss have shown their true colors as cheerleaders for corporate greed.

It pains us all

For the past seven days the thoughts of the nation have been with the royal family. This may interest you : After the killing of Putin’s supporters, supporters of Russia’s war in Ukraine fear for survival.

As we mourn His Majesty, we also remember that other lives have been lost and that other loved ones have been buried.

Among others, Olivia Pratt-Korbel, the nine-year-old who was shot dead in her Liverpool home, was buried yesterday.

Her family’s agony is made worse by the fact that her killer remains at large.

In this week of loss and reflection, we remember that all lives are precious and that all families can be touched by grief.

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Fed’s a real ace

Roger Federer is to tennis what Pele was to football and Muhammad Ali was to boxing. On the same subject : Gabrielle Union Pitches Idea for ‘Bring it Up’ Sequel to Cheerleader Comedy’s 22nd Anniversary.

There are great sports and then there are legends. He was one of them.

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Whats the song That goes dun dun dun na na na na?

The conversation Hey twitter what is that song Dun dunt teh dunt teh dun dun dun dunty dun dun dunanananana, dunn dunty dun teh dun na na na na? You know one. To see also : My Chemical Romance Gerard Way rocked a cheery dress during the concert. “A Spoonful Of Sugar” is a song from the 1964 musical film “Mary Poppins”.

What is the song goes do do do do?

What is the name of the techno song that goes Dun Dun Dun Dun?

Apparently, the darude’s answer was ‘sandstorm’.

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How do I identify a song in Chrome?

To identify a song playing in your browser, go to the Music Playing tab. Click on the Shazam extension icon. Click the Shazam button in the pop-up window to start the identification process.

How can I get Google Chrome to identify a song? On your mobile device, open the latest version of the Google app or search for the Google Search widget, tap the microphone icon and say “what is this song?” or tap the “Find a song” button. Then begin to stir for 10-15 seconds. With Google Assistant, it’s as simple as that. Say ‘Hey Google, what’s this song?’, then play the tune.

Can I Shazam on Chrome?

Apple’s Shazam has rolled out an extension for Chrome users that can be used to identify a song playing in a tab. The extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and can be pinned like any other extension.

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