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JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it…

So do you think Pederson is the one to take us to the all too promised land????

We are two preseason games into Doug Pederson’s tenure as Jaguars head coach. Since little can be gleaned from preseason games, it would be impossible and untrue to change my views on this topic from what I wrote during the offseason. What I wrote and said all offseason was that Pederson is a professional football coach who can relate to professional players. I have little doubt that Pederson knows how to train grown men, and I see no reason why those grown men wouldn’t believe Pederson’s approach and message. I hope you continue to believe in that message in the face of adversity. Those are critical traits of successful NFL coaches. There’s also every reason to believe Pederson knows what he’s doing offensively and can handle quarterbacks. If you add those traits together, and add an improving Trevor Lawrence at quarterback, then yes … I think Pederson can succeed as the Jaguars’ head coach. I don’t know what that will mean for the team’s record in 2022, but I think it will mean very good things for the next few seasons.

King O…. don’t tell anyone but this looks pretty good!!

Dwight appears to have watched the Jaguars’ 24-13 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Friday and realized that the Jaguars’ 13-0 lead after one quarter meant their starters played well. He also seems to have realized that’s what matters in the preseason. Yes, the Jaguars looked good in that game, at least when it mattered. Good eye, Dwight.

Or, now Deion Sanders is questioning the value of Hall of Famers and that he should have a “special” jacket instead of the gold jackets members receive. You do realize he’s the head coach of a Division I football program, right? You know, where it’s all about the “TEAM” and not the “ME”. I don’t think he is setting a good example for his players. You should know that your players do read your comment. This is a perfect example of why Florida State didn’t even consider him for their head coaching vacancy a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong; I love Deion and I think he was one of the best NFL players of all time. However, his comments like this will make it difficult for him to become a Power 5 head trainer.

I generally like Sanders’ candor. What he has done as a college coach is impressive. I’m not sure why he felt the need to make his recent comments that the Pro Football Hall of Fame isn’t special enough anymore. It seems a strange and unnecessary posture. He also seems to assume that he would receive one of these “special” jackets if it were put to a vote. Maybe it would. Maybe not. What’s cool? He can’t decide because he doesn’t make the rules. What’s good for everyone involved is that the Hall of Fame is pretty special, with all members getting gold jackets. Perhaps Sanders can be satisfied with his one day.

Wow, it almost made me puke with all the hype for the upcoming season. Don’t fans do this every year? Wow, it’s NOT going to happen that fast, people. Limit your vision of the present as it happens every year with our fans. Never say die!! I’m not from Missouri, but I’m going to wait and see the results before I jump on the bandwagon with the way the fans are reacting. Remember this is the same old Jaguar.

Wow, don’t vomit here. If you do, get a trash can. It’s good that fans are excited about what they saw on Friday; It’s been a while since they’ve seen six series (three offensive, three defensive) as good and exciting from this team. Those six series don’t mean this franchise is destined for the postseason this season. I’d be surprised if that happened. But those six drives included some good things from some big players: Lawrence, running back Travis Etienne, outside linebacker Travon Walker, wide receiver Zay Jones and tight end Evan Engram. There have been plenty of instances over the past decade where the top Jaguars didn’t do much in the preseason. Isn’t it okay for fans to get excited when they do it?

How can everyone be so excited about three sets of kills? It’s a long game and the players get tired, they get injured and the second group is not very strong. Another long season is coming… be honest!

I don’t expect the Jaguars to be in the postseason in 2022. I expect them to get a lot better starting in 2021. I expect Lawrence to be a big reason and I’m more and more confident that Walker has a chance to be special. If Walker and Lawrence prove to be key players and the Jaguars show marked improvement, that’s a successful season even if the Jaguars don’t push for the postseason.

For my part, I really like to watch the preseason games until the end. You see these kids putting in so much effort to make the team. The drama is real.

I can’t say I love watching preseason games in their entirety, although there is little doubt about the importance of preseason games for the players involved and for the teams. That’s why I’m a bit “all over the place” in my take on the preseason. I don’t like to cover preseason games, but I absolutely believe the league needs four, as opposed to the current three, so teams can scout their own players and allow starters to prepare.

Jaguars third-year outside linebacker K’Lavon Chaisson doesn’t seem to have matured as a pass-rusher at all. He keeps chasing too much in the running game. Does it still jump like a “fast pass move”? Leaving the feet is a defenseless/vulnerable position. Do you really see him doing the 53 with other rotation guys like Arden Key, Dawuane Smoot, etc., playing much more solid football?

My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your mother. Glad to hear you spent time with her in the end (kudos to the Jaguars for allowing that). God bless you.

I appreciate the many emails from fans after I wrote about my mother’s recent passing on Sunday. The support from readers, while not unexpected given the community that this column is, has been humbling. Humble has also been the support of my co-workers: J.P. Shadrick, Brian Sexton, Ashlyn Sullivan, Patrick Kavanagh, and Dave DeCandis. Your flexibility, while not unexpected, is appreciated more than you think.

Bruce of Green Cove Springs, Florida

Some things in life are more important than football or work. Given the circumstances, few could have criticized you if “the streak” had been broken. The fact that you stuck it out says a lot about you as a person and, more importantly, about the woman who raised you and instilled the right values ​​in you. My sincerest condolences for your loss and my sincere hope that you and your family find comfort in your memories.

Yes… my mother did instill in me the correct values. I don’t always exhibit those values, but she instilled them.

I’m so sorry to hear you lost your mother. That is all.

Thank you for sharing about your mother, I am so sorry for your loss. Loyal Ozone readers, and you know who you are, love you and this community is thinking of your family.

John, my mother too, was a huge fan of Neil Diamond. I bet if your house was like mine growing up, you know all of Diamond’s deep tracks as well as over the top hits! Do you really like Neil Diamond to this day? (I make). Moms are the best. They make the world go round. Judging from what we know of your character and work ethic, your mother was and still is first class. Be at peace. Health.

I’m a fan of Neil Diamond. Talent is talent, and apart from the sequined shirts, his is undeniable. I don’t know all of Diamond’s deep tracks, but my mom played “Hot August Night” and “Beautiful Noise” until she wore out the vinyl, or at least until she turned it off and put on Barry Manilow. Now, if you’re asking, do I know all the deep tracks from Barry Manilow I and II, “This One’s for You” and “I Write the Songs”? Yes, quite. And yeah… I have Liz O to thank for that.

How much does Hot August Nights cost?

How much does Hot August Nights cost?

Tickets to the Hot August Nights Auction presented by MAG Auctions ($15 per day; $25 2-day pass; Senior/Military $10), Drag Races & Burnouts can be purchased nightly for $15. On the same subject : Gerard Way Rocks Cheerleading Outfit During My Chemical Romance Show in Nashville: Watch. Admission to Hot August Nights Swap Meet, Cool Car Showroom & Outdoor Car Corral is $15.

How many people attend Hot August Nights in Reno NV? What began as a local party at the Reno Sparks Convention Center in 1986 now draws more than 800,000 people during its run.

How old does car have to be for Hot August Nights Reno?

THIS EVENT IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 5,500 1979 AND OLDER CLASSIC CARS, PICKUP TRUCKS AND EMERGENCY VEHICLES ONLY. See the article : Former NY Jets HC Rex Ryan is a contestant on The Amazing Race.

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How long is Hot August Nights in Reno?

Hot August Nights celebrates 35 years of tradition with musical legends headlining the week-long festival dedicated to classic cars and rock n’ roll. To see also : Falcons: Grady Jarrett blocks in the long run. Attendees can kick off their blue suede shoes and enjoy a variety of free live entertainment from August 2-6, 2022 at outdoor venues throughout the Reno-Sparks area.

What week is Hot August Nights in Reno? Hot August Nights is one of the area’s longest-running and most popular events, and for good reason. For six days in a row, from August 2 to 7, you can listen to live music and marvel at the beauty of the cars that take over the city.

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