The family of Gold Coast cheerleader Breeana Robinson fear a murder charge could be dropped

The family of Gold Coast cheerleader Breeana Robinson fear a murder charge could be dropped

A Queensland woman has taken the extraordinary step of writing to the state’s attorney general to plead for justice for her niece, whose life was allegedly taken almost 10 years ago.

Breeana Robinson, 21, was allegedly thrown from the balcony of an 11th-floor Gold Coast unit in 2013 by her de facto partner Dan Shearin, now known as Jayden Moorea.

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In 2019, Moorea was charged with her murder – but nearly 10 years after Robinson’s death, he still hasn’t been tried.

Robinson’s family is growing increasingly frustrated as they wait to bring her alleged killer to justice. They also expressed fear that prosecutors might consider lowering the murder charge.

In a letter to State’s Attorney Shannon Fentiman, Robinson’s aunt, Janine Mackney, described her niece as “vibrant” and “full of life.”

She said she became a dancer and cheerleader for the Gold Coast Titans NRL club despite being visually impaired.

In the letter, Mackney also highlighted comments made by Moore’s lawyer at Southport Magistrates’ Court on August 30, which suggested the State Director of Public Prosecutions might drop the murder charge.

“We are committed to transparency regarding the DPP’s intent as we strongly oppose any plea bargain or overturning of this murder conviction,” she wrote in a letter seen by 7NEWS.

“I urge your intervention and investigation into this matter and an outcome that the serious criminal charges against Shearin/Moorea for the murder of Breeana Robinson are not dropped to a lesser charge or dropped entirely.”

In an interview with 7NEWS, Mackney said she felt compelled to write to Fentiman after she “decided not to wait to hear from the DPP”.

“It’s frustrating. It’s heartbreaking,” she said.

“You go through a wave of emotions. You think, ‘yeah, we’re finally going to trial,’ and then we’re still waiting for a trial date.”

Moore was released on bail on a murder charge in 2019, but has recently been back in custody on various matters.

Among his bail conditions at the time was that he notify the police if he intends to have sex with a woman.

Courts have already heard evidence from biomechanics experts who concluded that Robinson had been thrown from the balcony.

Moore allegedly sent Robinson a barrage of vile text messages in the days leading up to her death, saying things like “you stupid idiot”, “you complete moron” and “I don’t want a stupid fuck***** in my life” ***”.

He denies killing Robinson, who was initially thought to have taken her own life.

Defense attorney Chris Hannay, for Moore, said the case was taking “too long.”

But his team is not ready to outrun the prosecution.

“The Crown has to be happy. We’re glad they’re happy. They need some time to make some decisions,” he told 7NEWS.

“If they need that time, so be it.

“The defense is not one to rush things because this is an extremely serious matter.”

Hannay also suggested the Crown weigh the strength of its case.

‘Making up their mind’

‘Making up their mind’

“Based on the conversations we’ve had with the Crown, not necessarily the police, the reports that the Crown has obtained do not help them in any way,” he said. To see also : Busts of former Panthers at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“The Crown is still deciding what to do.

“We’re hoping they’ve put it off until October to make a decision, so there can be closure one way or another.

“If they decide to go to trial, it won’t be until next year.

“If they decide to do otherwise, the matter will be brought back to court and an appropriate application will be made.”

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) said prosecutors were still examining the evidence.

“This is a very complicated matter,” an ODPP spokesperson told 7NEWS.

“The ODPP would like to make it clear that it is still examining the available evidence and that no decision has yet been made on how the matter will proceed.

“We have been in contact with the family and they are aware of the situation.

“Since the case is still before the court, the ODPP will not comment further.”

– With Alison Sandy and Steve Hart

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