Amazing Video of Patrick Mahomes running off the bridge has gone viral because it’s so scary.

Amazing Video of Patrick Mahomes running off the bridge has gone viral because it's so scary.

The 2022 NFL season is in full swing and it has brought tons of amazing shots from around the league. Thursday night’s game was no exception.

In the first home game of the year at Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs defeated the Chargers in an electric back-and-forth game that went all the way to the final play. As expected from the raucous fans in Kansas City, they were on their feet and loud from kickoff until the final whistle.

Before the start of the match, the stars stepped onto the pitch one by one. Patrick Mahomes is, of course, the greatest.

The Chiefs quarterback’s leak video has since gone viral, and it’s easy to see why. The footage is super crisp.

Instead of the standard shot from outside the tunnel, the cameraman took a different approach. He stood just outside the starting entrance to the field and then followed Mahomes through a line of cheerleaders, under the team flag and on to his teammates.

This was a super unique shot that couldn’t have turned out any cooler.

Patrick Mahomes’ emotion was on full display, as was the energy in Arrowhead Stadium

Patrick Mahomes’ emotion was on full display, as was the energy in Arrowhead Stadium

Life is all about perspective, but this idea is especially true when it comes to camera footage. In this case, Billy Quach was the camera man. To see also : The 2022 rookies practice for the first time in Flower Branch. The creative director at Let It Fly Media is also a content creator for the NFL.

Not only did it take a creative approach to running out, but Quach had to get on the horse to keep up with the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback. Things could have gone very differently and Quach could have stumbled, lost in the shuffle, or not been able to stick with Mahomes.

Instead, it turned out extremely well and the resulting video was stunning. Here are some other shots Quach took on Thursday:

The next time you see a clip on social media or watch a show with a cool clip, think of the cameraman responsible. They are often just as important to the fans’ digital experience as the players!

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Has anyone ever thrown for 6,000 yards in a season? The first passer to reach the 6,000-yard mark was Dan Marino, who did it in 1984. In one of the best seasons in NFL history, the second-year QB led the Dolphins to the Super Bowl in a year where he threw for 6,085 yards and 56 touchdowns.

Which quarterback has the most yards in a season?

RankAn actorYds
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2Drew Brees (32)5,476
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