Bae In Hyuk Talks About Playing Cheerleader In New Drama With Han Ji Hyun

Bae In Hyuk Talks About Playing Cheerleader In New Drama With Han Ji Hyun

SBS’s upcoming drama “Cheer Up” has released the first photos of Bae In Hyuk as the lead!

“Cheer Up” is a new college mystery rom-com about a college cheerleading squad whose glory days are long gone and now on the verge of disbanding. Han Ji Hyun will play Do Hae Yi, a rookie in Yonhee Theiu University’s cheerleading team, who has a cheerful personality despite the difficult circumstances at home.

Bae In Hyuk will play Theia’s passionate captain Park Jung Woo, who is a strict stickler for the rules and thus is often misunderstood as inflexible and condescending. However, he is actually an innocent romantic at heart and is willing to risk everything to protect his team.

Describing his character, Bae In Hyuk noted, “As the captain of the Theia cheerleading team, Park Jung Woo feels a strong sense of responsibility, and he is a character with perfectionist tendencies. He might come off as an ‘old fart’ who does everything according to the rules, but he’s actually someone with a lot of flaws and a clumsy side. I think this unexpected twist in his personality might be part of his charm.”

The actor also revealed how he worked hard behind the scenes and practiced tirelessly in order to be a convincing cheerleader on screen.

“I accepted the new challenge of cheering for ‘Cheer Up,’” said Bae In Hyuk. “To be honest, I’m not good at dancing, so it wasn’t an easy challenge for me. But I put my blood, sweat, and tears into practice so I wouldn’t look too awkward in the eyes of the audience—and to capture the passion of the real-life crew—so I hope you’ll look favorably on [my performance].”

Finally, Bae In Hyuk expressed confidence in his upcoming drama and its story, commenting, “I think we’ll be able to present to you a subject that hasn’t been seen much [on Korean television] and a story that has a wide variety of charms. I hope that it will be a drama that helps the viewers to “lighten up” with each episode. Please give him lots of love and interest.”

“Cheer Up” will premiere on October 3 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the latest teaser for the drama here!

Meanwhile, watch Bae In Hyuk in his previous drama “Why Her?” with subtitles below:

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