Cowboys Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Charlotte Jones WATCH – What’s New at AT&T Stadium?

Cowboys Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Charlotte Jones WATCH - What's New at AT&T Stadium?

ARLINGTON The Dallas Cowboys organization is multifaceted and worth $8 billion, ranking the NFL’s top 14 straight years as the most valuable team in all of sports.

While the Cowboys team is battling their opponents on the field, Cowboys brand director Charlotte Jones is in heated competition with her television.

“Our #1 priority is entertainment and fan engagement. That’s what drives everything we do,” Jones, head of the marketing department, which includes the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

With television broadcasts improving their product, the battle in the entertainment world is intense.

“For us, it’s about how we can make this transition as easy as possible to get fans off the couch and into the building and then back home, safely, quickly, and an experience they can’t replicate at home,” Jones said during our backstage tour of AT&T Stadium. “We have to deliver above and beyond.”

While the season opener was a nightmare for the Cowboys team at AT&T Stadium, with Dallas losing its star quarterback Dak Prescott to injury, the stadium’s state-of-the-art improvements to the fan experience were a total success.

The new fan experiences include personalized QR codes on every seat in the stadium so food and drinks are delivered so fans can skip the line. Upgrades to stadium technology, as well as new food and beverage items, also make the AT&T Stadium experience unique.

“Some people know they had a great experience, but they don’t know exactly why,” Jones said. “It was probably the fact that they lost traffic, they were able to go straight to their seats and get all the food and merchandise they wanted. The thrill of the game is the anticipation. Everything else is what we have to do to make sure that they get what they came for.”

The little things add up to creating a lasting and pleasant memory… For some fans, the difference may be in not missing the big play because they had to wait in line for a drink. Perhaps for others, it’s the ability to digitally jump to a full-size photo, interactive Cowboys players, and share it on social media. Plus it could be the clean restrooms, fast WIFI, or the $5 beers at Miller Lite House.

Whatever it is for every fan that makes game day magical and fun, Charlotte Jones and the Cowboys are going out of their way to help the process go more smoothly.

Some Cowboys marketing ‘wins’ on game day in Arlington; 5,479 hats sold, an average delivery time of 15 minutes to fan seats, the most downloaded app (3.4 million) in the NFL, and 13,000 beers sold at Miller LiteHouse.

For Jones personally, the fun of game day at AT&T Stadium is being able to share the football experience with the people she loves the most…in addition to the award-winning lobster mac n’ cheese.

From tech updates to the Cowboys app, selfies with Dallas players, in-seat delivery and new food and beverage items, AT&T Stadium has a lot to offer fans in the 2022 NFL season. I hope some wins too.

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