High school varsity cheer program returns to Cheboygan

High school varsity cheer program returns to Cheboygan

CHEBOYGAN — It’s been in the works for a while — and now it’s official.

Cheboygan Area High School cheer is back.

Just recently, the Cheboygan Area School Board approved the return of the Chiefs High School Varsity Incentive Program, which has been in place for the past few weeks at Cheboygan High School.

“We’ve been working on this for a long time,” Cheboygan High School head coach Carole Yeck said. “We’ve always had a vision of getting cheerleading back in high school, and that’s always been our end game, and our ultimate goal is to create an entire program from youth through high school. It means a lot to us. It’s very important to us to have that foundation and school spirit opportunity for the entire student body.”

The Junior Chiefs cheer program reached an agreement with Cheboygan area schools to fund and bring back a varsity cheer event that Yeck, his coaches and the cheerleaders themselves are thrilled about.

Bringing back the high school cheer had always been Yeck, who was a cheerleader in her days at Cheboygan High School and Ferris State University, as well as assistant coach Kate Schulz, who was a cheerleader at Alma College.

“Coach Kate Schulz and I worked with the CJC (Cheboygan Junior Chiefs) and started this program six years ago,” Yeck said. “If the year before we started there were five cheerleaders, now we have 40 girls in the Junior Chief program, and then Kate and I wanted – because there hadn’t been cheerleaders for so long – to start a youth program and build it. and when we were done, we were ready to move into high school. We wrote the proposal in the spring and it went to the school board in late summer and was approved by the school board.

“We’ve had tremendous support from CJC, they’ve been behind us since day 1 and they fund the high school cheer program and I’m really excited about that.”

Ten years after Cheboygan last fielded a high school cheerleading squad, Yeck understands the significance of this comeback.

“It’s very special,” Yeck said. “I don’t want to say that cheerleaders win games, but school spirit definitely makes a difference and that’s what’s missing for the students. They provide the connection between the fans and the games so they can get the whole game experience that they’ve been missing.

“Last year, the children were ready to cheer in the game and wanted to participate in the game, but they just didn’t know any of the words. They didn’t know a word to say because cheerleading hasn’t been around for so long and so it’s really time for us to get involved and give the kids and the student body a chance to come and be involved. games.”

So far, the high school program has generated a lot of interest among those who want to participate in cheer.

At the same time, Yeck knows it’s a work in progress, especially with so many inexperienced participants.

“We wanted to move to high school when we had a base of kids who had the skills and were ready,” Yeck said. “We jumped into it a little earlier than expected, but we’re excited about it. Most of our girls have never cheered before, so it’s going to be a building year, but we have several junior teams that are very skilled and have strong cheer backgrounds that are ready to move into place.

“Since we had a late start, I think this is a building year, we’re going to focus on building skills, building school spirit and just providing that opportunity for students and kids to be involved in leadership and spirit activities.

“I have a feeling that when you offer opportunities to children, it’s a bit scary at first, it’s something new, but if you have a solid program and you follow the standards and offer a really good program for young people, everything will come together. “

The high school cheerleading team recently practiced at Cheboygan High School in preparation for upcoming games, which included the Chiefs’ Friday night varsity football contest against Ogemaw Heights. The team will continue to cheer at football games as well as some other high school sporting events this season and winter sports campaign.

“Friday night is like one and ten — the first time in ten years,” Yeck said.

Yeck added that the return of cheerleading will have a positive impact on Cheboygan’s sports community.

“I think this community has always been a place of hometown community spirit,” Yeck said. “Cheboygan just exudes that spirit, and having that connection at the high school is critical. The game experience is just different and we’re excited for all the students to experience that. Kate and I are both very invested in cheer, we love cheer, and so I think to bring this sport to a whole different group of kids at this level is just wonderful.It’s really important that more kids have more opportunities to participate and be involved in school activities.

“I feel like the fans, the band and the team have been reunited.”

The program originally approached Junior Chiefs cheer to expand into the brand new national program “Stunt the Sport” which was new to these age groups in 2019. With Cheboygan as one of those participants, the interest and energy was up. youth level. But just as the program was starting to hit its stride, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and brought things to a standstill.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we really felt that there was a need for leadership and community spirit in Cheboygan and for the schools to reconnect and provide a wave of positivity and leadership,” Yeck said. “We decided that the needs of the students and the community should be our priority, and the time is right for both our youth program and high school students to shift gears and deepen our efforts by expanding to build a high school cheer program. It’s new and it’s scary for kids who haven’t been in our youth program to try something they don’t know. I applaud this first wave of kids and admire them for their bravery in putting themselves out there and making the first cheerleading squad in 10 years. We hope that many children will be part of something new and exciting when we start.

As for cheering, something Yeck loves dearly, he hopes interest will continue to grow as the program grows over the next year.

“Sports is a great and great opportunity for students. Once we start, it’s really what the kids make of it and what they put into it,” Yeck said. “They can be a huge part of the big change at Cheboygan High School and we hope to get more and new interest during the basketball season and next fall. We have an opportunity to build a strong foundation for Cheboygan Cheer. We would love to see a wide variety of participants and athletes and get as many students involved as possible. We are excited to see things ahead for Chief Cheer.

The Junior Chiefs program, which has played cheerleaders at youth soccer games for several years, played a huge role in making things happen.

Yeck was sure to credit CJC and their contributions in bringing back the high school program.

“Marianne Ridings and Michelle Meldrum, both from CJC, were also a driving force in bringing spirit to the high school level,” Yeck said. “Their help and support and everything they contribute to the overall CJC youth programs umbrella is tremendous and should be commended. Marianne is incredible and has grown this program to success over the past decade. Michelle jumped in a few years ago and has been amazing. key in bringing to the school board and is a dynamic and amazing person.

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