The falsehood of the ‘Delhi Model’ and its international cheerleaders

The falsehood of the 'Delhi Model' and its international cheerleaders

Amid allegations of egregious corruption, the CBI raided more than 30 locations, including the residence of Delhi Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia, as part of its routine investigation. This was a major setback for Arvind Kejriwal, the man who politicized Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption Movement, and for the self-proclaimed “progressives” who took refuge in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and resigned from the Indian National Congress. In a press conference after the raid, Kejriwal criticized the central government for attacking the success of the “Delhi model” and the popularity of Sisodia.

The Delhi Model schools

The Delhi Model schools

The school pass rate in Delhi has dropped from 89% in 2010 to 69.82% in 2018 after Kejriwal’s regime. The RTI revealed that no new universities were opened after 2015. Ironically, in its 2015 campaign manifesto, AAP promised to open 20 new colleges. 52% of the lecturer positions are vacant. Read also : The cheerleaders came together and raised money for the Children’s Cancer Association. Teachers at 12 colleges reporting directly to the Delhi government have not received salaries for months. Judge Prasad of the Delhi High Court rebuked the government on the matter. 824 schools function without a headmaster. AAP’s progressive MLA Atishi Marlena had tweeted that the Kerala officials visited Delhi’s school to study the “Delhi Model” and that this is proof that Kejriwal is the torchbearer of a new era, what strongly denied by the Government of Kerala.

RTI had further revealed that the CAG report on spending millions promoting this entire model was a farce.

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The Delhi Model of Kejriwal

The man who laughed at the massacre of Kashmiri Hindus is the new ray of hope for the divisive forces. Do you think this is an international conspiracy? After the CBI raid, Kejriwal yawned at the press conference that the New York Times dubbed Sisodia the best education minister and Delhi Model the best. Throughout the conference he quoted the biased New York Times newspaper, which always falsely scorns India towards the world. To see also : Quick Thoughts: Heading into the Offseason. Clippings of the newspaper were scattered on the AAP’s social media handles. This is one of those newspapers promoting Hinduphobic “thinkers” known for their trivial attacks on national harmony.

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Yes, the same newspaper that insulted ISRO by publishing a racist satirical cartoon that vilely compared ISRO to a shepherd begging to shut the doors of an imaginary elite space club of Chinese, Europeans and Americans to open. A newspaper had published a false report of Pakistan’s F16 fighter jets attacking India’s MiG 21, contradicting Pakistan’s official declaration of defeat! In the midst of repealing Article 370, the NYT had published a biased series of articles written by then-Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and by our country’s divisive forces. To see also : Arkansas Cheerleader’s Video Goes Viral: Fans React. The same NYT had used disparaging words against our soldiers.

Suspicion mounts when this newspaper, which has devoted its pages to highlighting India and its victory with its half-baked guesses, selectively praises a prime minister. What is Kejriwal doing as a key part of the constitutional apparatus instead of condemning such a racist newspaper that has always sided with the divisive forces? Who is he with? Why is he defending his stance by citing a newspaper that insults our proud organizations? Is he doing all this for his trivial political gains? Is this neoprogressivism? As a result of the party’s adoption of Hinduphobic principles, the self-proclaimed progressives are resorting to the AAP. It is worth noting that the US Department of Justice had exposed the fact that the Chinese Communist Party had poured billions of dollars into the newspaper between 2016 and 2020. How can we trust the ‘Delhi model’ after all that has happened?

There must be a cyclical change of management. It is one of the main goals of democracy. In the name of constructive change, by having the people of the states hosting the elections sow dreams of pseudo-progressivity, hospitals, schools and infrastructure, thereby preventing the coherent renaissance that our country has enjoyed in recent days under the leadership of PM is witnessing Narendra Modi and erasing this country’s integrity identity is a new tomb strategy of the vanquished divisive forces. We shouldn’t fall for that.

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