The football players of Grand Blanc, the fans are disciplined in the messages

The football players of Grand Blanc, the fans are disciplined in the messages

GRAND BLANC, Michigan (WJRT) – Many members of the Grand Blanc High School soccer team and the cheerleading squad have been disciplined for messages deemed offensive and inappropriate.

Grand Blanc Community Schools confirmed on Thursday that many athletes received indeterminate discipline following the news “which was sometimes inappropriate and / or offensive on multiple levels,” according to a statement released on Thursday.

Grand Blanc Municipal Police Department, Sgt. Bryan Byarski said last Friday officers found out about an ongoing series of messages on Snapchat. He said the messages contained “Hitler salutes,” adding “Hitler’s mustache” and partially revealing students.

Other news featured students wearing KKK sweatshirts and a hat cheerleader with a blasphemous message addressed to President Joe Biden.

Administrators say the group chat has been going on “for a long time” and until recently neither the trainers nor the school officials knew about it. Not all team members are included in the group chat.

According to the district’s statement, none of the messages contained threats.

“With this in mind, the content, even in an attempt at ‘humor’ among a diverse group of friends, was unacceptable to our sports program,” reads the school’s statement.

Byarski said no criminal charges were brought against the Snapchat news.

The district says that many of the students participating in the group chat violated school rules and sports textbooks, so they will face discipline. But officials say they can’t reveal any particular discipline to students.

However, ABC12 News found out that some students were suspended for one game while others were suspended for two or three games.

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