Tribune Editor’s Letter: Laubmeier Park Dedication Conjures Memories of Waunakee’s Loudest Cheerleader

Tribune Editor's Letter: Laubmeier Park Dedication Conjures Memories of Waunakee's Loudest Cheerleader

Saturday’s park dedication in honor of John Laubmeier brought back many memories of the former Waunakee village leader.

John served as a judge for 16 years, and in that time, I probably interviewed him 25 or 30 times. John cared deeply about Waunakee and what was best for the residents. Twice I remember him saying that the projects that were in planning would be the end for him. The first was the Main Street reconstruction, when a roundabout was planned. Then came the library project. He told me then that there will be no referendum. To be honest, I think he lost a lot of sleep over these two conflicting programs, and I bet he often picked up the phone to talk to people about it.

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